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Setting: Scotland, Yule Eve, 1260

A Viking raider with mysterious powers brings change to little Clan Kilbirnie, especially to the chieftain’s daughter Rhona.

Love transcends distance, but can it overcome their challenging pasts? Finn is a widower living on an orchard farm in Alaska. When his best friends die in a tragic accident, he adopts their baby daughter and enlists his sister’s help. In Arizona, Annie lives as a nanny. The revelation of her late husband’s infidelity devastated her, and it led her to a dark place. She yearns to remarry but guards a secret that has always gotten in the way of finding love. A mutual friend sets Annie and Finn up, and their email connection starts slowly. Finn meets Annie for the first time in Arizona and sparks fly. When Annie journeys to Alaska to visit Finn, she is taken aback by the frosty reception she receives from his sister. Fearful of losing her role in the baby’s life, his sister sees Annie as a threat. Will Annie and Finn overcome the miles separating them to take a chance on love? Or will their painful histories prove too formidable?

Forbidden love with my boss leads to a passionate one-night stand. My life has been one of hardship, and I needed this new job as a waitress. I couldn’t afford to do anything that might get me fired. But he was so unbelievably hot that I couldn’t help but want him. We agreed to keep it purely professional but Just how much longer can we keep our forbidden love a secret? Undeniably, Ethan is a catch with his wealth and seductive lips. A single touch sends shivers. Truth is, I have enough problems of my own. As a single mother, the last thing I want is to worry about another pregnancy with a man I barely know. However, he is difficult to resist. It only took one kiss for all of my defenses to dissolve. Being in love with him is simple, but how can I let him know he’s going to become a father?

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