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A highwayman’s attack, a stolen pendant, and a promising romance. Being attacked by a highwayman on their drive into London was not what Lady Elizabeth expected for the start of her debut Season! Heartbroken over the loss of her pendant – an item she was forced to give to the highwayman – she turns to her friends and ‘The London Ledger’ for help. Her sadness is a little softened by the arrival of one Lord Winterbrook who begins to show a particular interest in her and she in him. Felix, Viscount Winterbrook, has always found society dull. Taking on the role of a highwayman for a short while has brought a little more lightness into his summer, albeit with the intention of returning the items he steals. However, he didn’t expect that it would be his heart that was stolen in return! Drawn to the very young lady he had stolen from, Felix cannot seem to keep away. Fully intending to turn his back on his highwayman ways and return her pendant, a sudden revelation throws everything into confusion. What will Lady Elizabeth think when her pendant is spotted within his very own house? Can he find some sort of reasonable explanation – and can he protect her when the brutes he previously rode with come in search of further treasures?

What happens when you meet Mr. Right at exactly the WRONG time? Georgie Price moved to New York after spending her teen years as America’s Sweetheart. Hoping to reinvent herself now that she’s all grown up, she starts a cooking show that becomes an overnight success. Now with so much to focus on career-wise, she has no time for distractions–no matter how tempting they may seem. Liam Stone has loved Georgie since their childhood growing up in a small, rural town. While watching her reach new heights in Hollywood, he worked hard to be someone worthy of her hand. Now a successful advertising executive himself, he’s finally ready to share his feelings… But will Georgie want to hear them? Can she ever see him as more than the little boy who grew up next door? And if so, might their love story prove to be her greatest accomplishment yet? Join them and find out in this sweet, ford proximity story of unrequited love between two best friends.

We’re supposed to be business rivals, not one night stand buddies. And he damn sure shouldn’t be my baby daddy. First meeting for my big contract and it’s the hottie I ghosted last night. Embarrassing. I need to keep my head in the game. But we’re violating company policies left and right, and getting on HR’s bad side. Secret gazes, stolen touches, me bent over the conference room table to “work it out of our systems”. Now it’s too late, I’m screwed. He dipped his pen in my company ink. I’m just counting down the days until he finds out… He’s going to be a daddy.

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