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One journalist looking for secrets of the filthy rich. Four vampires looking for a mate to share. Filthy Rich Players: Carter, Flynn, Smith, and Jayden are sons of the Billionaire elite of Carbon Beach. All play and no work, their reputation of treating women badly lands on gossip columnist Serena Saxton’s desk. Eager for an expose that will whisk her away from her mediocre Manhattan house-share, she jumps at the chance to travel to Malibu and unearth the secrets of the infamous players. But their darkest secret is one she couldn’t have foreseen – they’re vampires, looking for one woman to love and to share, and they think Serena might be the one… Filthy Rich Husbands: Finally, they’ve found the woman of their dreams… and they want her to be their wife. Carter, Flynn, Smith, and Jayden, are now living with, and loved-up with, Serena… but is it all about to turn into a nightmare? After unearthing a secret about her past, Serena feels she needs to focus on that before thinking about the future. Not to mention, Smith needs to deal with his demons, and they aren’t all in his mind. Carter’s and Flynn’s careers begin to soar, and Jayden’s ex returns to Carbon Beach. Can they move forward together when life is pulling them apart? 

Sinead, ex-flight attendant and a burst of Irish sunshine, and Gabriel, grumpy but gorgeous Aussie CEO from Girl on a Plane return in this novella, five years later. It’s their anniversary, and Sinead has a big surprise for Gabriel. But will he like her surprise? Or will it stress him out even more than usual? Sinead can’t help being nervous, as lately it seems they’ve been like two flights going in opposite directions, barely passing each other en route to different destinations. This weekend getaway is a good idea, isn’t it? Gabriel can’t help worrying that Sinead won’t like his surprise. His gorgeous wife looks tired, stressed out and doesn’t seem her usual bright self. He just wants to spend more time with her, just the two of them. He only hopes she’s on the same page, and wants him as much as he still wants her.

He is my first and the hot silver fox that’s stealing my heart…. Olivia: This gorgeous man had me at hello. My stomach whirled with a thousand fluttering butterflies every time I see his eyes. He’s like a glimmering lamp, and I’m a helpless moth. I have never experienced this with a man before…. Then one stormy night stuck in his mansion and we can no longer ignore the sparks between us. Feeling his body tremble over mine is intoxicating. Zachery: And now life without her seems impossible. I can’t rid myself of an overwhelming feeling of guilt due to our age difference. But I’m her first and I hope she’s my last. Time is running out. If I don’t confess my feeling for her before the contract ends, I could lose my chance at true love forever.

As a man in uniform he was captivating. But it’s what’s under his uniform that was irresistible… I couldn’t wait to see my bestie while I was home for the summer. I threw on a scandalous short romper for a night on the town. I knew I shouldn’t crush on her dad. A man in uniform with authority and muscles that could flip me upside down. Now that he’s divorced, my thighs tremble at the sight of him. The perks of being with Mason include his 20 year unlimited experienced platinum card. No words were spoken that night, his eyes said enough. A heated kiss led to our summer fling that altered my whole future. My pregnancy test was positive and it was the only time I wished I had failed a test. I am nauseated at the thought of telling him or do I even tell him…

Just as I was ready to claim my CEO throne, along comes Noah, with that cocky billionaire bad boy stride, snatching it right from under me. He may have the title, but he’s about to learn he’s ignited a fire he can’t control. The moment was mine, but he seized it, wielding a lethal combo of charm and ambition, with an offer my dad couldn’t refuse. That supremely attractive bosshole is so arrogant that he thinks he can crush all my dreams. Forced to work through the transition, I’m hell-bent on giving him a challenge he won’t forget, regardless of how HOT he looks in those damn three piece suits. Sparks fly as we argue over the fate of the company, igniting a forbidden love affair. This isn’t about a corporate crown anymore; it’s whispered challenges, late-night encounters, and a love that’s becoming harder to deny. I may be torn between duty and desire, but this is one boardroom battle I intend to win. Is Noah everything I thought he was, or will I end up in Noah’s clutches just like my dad…

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