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A billionaire CEO hires the rebel youngest daughter of his family’s biggest corporate rival to serve as his personal assistant…and sparks an unwanted attraction in this sweet enemies-to-lovers romance! Luca Calcagni isn’t sure why Jacey applied for a job at Genesis & Sons in the first place. However, he can’t tell her no without creating a PR nightmare for his multi-billion-dollar company. Instead, he hands her a punishing schedule, hoping to send her packing pretty quickly. A man known as a cobra in the boardroom can’t afford for anyone to find out he’s secretly crushing on the one woman in the world his family will never forgive.

A fake relationship for a weekend between a biker who wants more and a shy girl who can’t give him the one thing he craves… Mom’s coming to visit, and she expects to meet my new boyfriend. Spoiler alert: I don’t have a boyfriend. I pretended I had one to get Mom off my back. I didn’t expect her to show up on the mountain to meet him. In steps Arlo, the bearded, tattooed biker I’ve been crushing on since I started working at the Wild Riders MC HQ. We’ll pretend to be together to keep Mom happy. But as the weekend goes on, I’m falling for the easy-going ex-military biker. But there’s a reason why I don’t date, and not even Arlo can change my mind.

Fall into a wickedly charming romance when Salem witch Cassandra takes a wild ride with a wolf shifter! After I drop my daughter with my parents, I head to the White Mountains for some much-needed me time at a ski resort. My friends convinced me to try a chairlift dating event, but when date after date turns out to be a dud, I take an escape route. Only my skis send me flying off my feet, and I end up tumbling downhill like a snowball. Ski patrol comes to my aid in the form of handsome wolf shifter Valen, and we have more chemistry than a combustible potion. Chairlift dating was a disaster, but a night with a rugged mountain man in his cozy slopeside cabin is tempting. Until Valen thinks I’m his fated mate…

Just as I was ready to claim my CEO throne, along comes Noah, with that cocky billionaire bad boy stride, snatching it right from under me. He may have the title, but he’s about to learn he’s ignited a fire he can’t control. The moment was mine, but he seized it, wielding a lethal combo of charm and ambition, with an offer my dad couldn’t refuse. That supremely attractive bosshole is so arrogant that he thinks he can crush all my dreams. Forced to work through the transition, I’m hell-bent on giving him a challenge he won’t forget, regardless of how HOT he looks in those damn three piece suits. Sparks fly as we argue over the fate of the company, igniting a forbidden love affair. This isn’t about a corporate crown anymore; it’s whispered challenges, late-night encounters, and a love that’s becoming harder to deny. I may be torn between duty and desire, but this is one boardroom battle I intend to win. Is Noah everything I thought he was, or will I end up in Noah’s clutches just like my dad…

Everything you think you know about love is a lie… Forget the hearts and flowers. Love is a drug. A drug the Cupid Cartel deals from the shadows—and I’m its most ruthless dealer. Hooking targets on instalove might destroy lives, but it was always strictly business—until I met her. Innocent, inexperienced, and primed for seduction. Melanie Crawford is practically begging for someone to corrupt her. Except she’s no ordinary target, and I don’t want to match her. I want to possess her—totally. But when cupids fall in love, it’s game over. So if I want to taste her innocence, I’ll have to break a few rules. Or make some new ones…

I got pregnant from a one-night stand. I didn’t know he was an NFL star. He had my attention the moment he walked in the bar, drawing the eyes of every woman in the room. With a face chiseled by the divine, we locked eyes and knew exactly what we wanted. Our chemistry was dangerous, his touch intoxicating. By the end of the night, he dominated my mind, body and soul. We agreed, no strings attached. Two months later, I’m his new team doctor. I didn’t know he was the infamous Matt Donovan. Our encounters are a potent mix of desire and disdain. But beneath the animosity is an undeniable attraction. The more we bicker, the quicker he breaks thru my panty’s defenses. Neither of us sees this going to the end zone. But that’s when things get complicated… and I may have just fumbled. The nausea I’m feeling isn’t because I’m sick, it’s because I’m pregnant and he’s the daddy.

An Alpha wolf suffering with agonizing lust for nearly a decade… I’ve wanted Ramee for nine long years. Once she came of age, I decided to take my time seducing her. Everything was going according to plan until she was forced to help a newly turned wolf. Now Rafael wants my mate and I’m forced to stake my claim. Ramee isn’t ready, but time is running out. I need to make her mine before she learns the devastating truth about the wolf that murdered her family….

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