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I’m stuck with my one-night stand. What was supposed to be a quick and blissful night with a yummy stranger has turned into my worst nightmare, thanks to a nasty storm and power outage. The carefree single life I choose to lead only works because I wholeheartedly avoid getting to know the guys I meet. And now, I’m dangerously close to being swept off my feet by the tattooed former soccer player. I can’t escape learning every intriguing detail about him. Not that it matters, of course. I won’t be seeing him again. Except fate intervenes, and I do see him again—and he asks me to marry him. With wild hair and charm for days, Wade Jameson is the stuff of fantasies. It’s why I hooked up with him in the first place. But marriage? Ha! I cherish my single life like I do my margaritas. But when he insists I’m his best option to get custody of his daughter since we have “a history,” I can’t say no. I can’t share with him the main reason I say yes, either. That would mean getting even closer to him, and developing real feelings for my fake husband would be a mistake. But the more we pretend to be a family, the more I surprise myself and wonder… what if we can have it all?

When a gorgeous, fascinating older man offered to help get my bosses to notice me, I had to say yes. Kian volunteered to play the role of my husband to increase my chances of being promoted from summer intern to full-time producer. As half of a married couple, I’d be invited to dinner with my bosses, schmoozing and making connections. I was both relieved and terrified. How could I pretend to be close with this breathtaking man when I’d never even dated before? Why would he do something like this for a mousy girl like me? How could I work with this lusty electric current running through me every time I thought of him? When Kian’s possessive nature kicked in at my workplace, everything might be over before I could make sense of how perfectly I thought we belonged together. Which was stronger, my career dreams or my fiery new desire?

Single dad, billionaire, and my brother’s best friend – he is the very person I wished to avoid. Standing in the crowd, there he is—the man who shattered my dreams years ago. Now, he’s captivated by my singing and offered me a record deal. The catch? Mr. Producer needs me to pretend to be his girlfriend for his mom’s sake. Despite my hesitations, I agree to play along. His presence is magnetic, drawing me closer to him with every passing moment. No wonder work and enjoyment intertwine seamlessly. Soon, it becomes unclear what is pretend and what is real. His smile makes me weak in the knees and sends a rush of desire through my veins. I’m stuck between loyalty to my brother and the man who seems to complete me. Love or Family? The decision I face will shape my future and reveal where my heart truly belongs.

Rule #1: Never spill coffee on your billionaire boss. Rule #2: Definitely don’t end up in his bed. Well, guess what? I broke both. Climbing the corporate ladder had perks–Henry Carter, my sizzling-hot boss, a total Greek god in a tailored suit. But trust me, his stubborn streak matches. Sparks flew when he handed me the reins on a high-stakes case. Henry’s reputation is legendary: A single dad, guarding his heart like Fort Knox, yet his soft spot? Reserved just for his little girl. It started with a forbidden kiss that set fire to more than my senses. Now his touch sends lightning down my spine. Fanning a blazing inferno between us I’m fighting to resist. I’m toeing the line between reason and pure craving, But as the secrets I’ve stashed away unravel, my job’s on the line. So, here’s the million-dollar question: Can love conquer all? Am I willing to throw caution out, even if it means breaking every rule?

One messy breakup. One hot night with a beautiful stranger. One fake marriage proposal. Just one problem- He’s my friend’s brother and 100% off-limits. I was just blowing off steam with some coworkers at an underground speakeasy. Fast forward to me waking up naked in a penthouse on 5th Avenue next to a chiseled Adonis. Mr. Beefcake Billionaire rolls over and asks If I can be gone by 8am. What a prick. I thought I would never see him again but he keeps popping up in the most unexpected places. Unbeknownst to me, he happens to be my best friend’s brother. Things get interesting when Mr. Billionaire asks me to pretend to be his fiance. He gets to keep his inheritance. I get a paycheck that will pay my rent for the entire year. One hard boundary: No real feelings. Easier said than done. The more time we spend together the harder it is to keep our hands off each other. After I wake up with his strong arms wrapped around me, I don’t think we’re pretending anymore…

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