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A bored Sherlock is a dangerous Sherlock. His twin vices of cocaine and sex could prove his undoing, until he meets his match in elusive, enigmatic Irene Adler. Hiding her heart, Irene deserts Sherlock in the midst of their affair. He schemes to win her back, but the lady won’t come easily to hand. Instead, she forces him to compete for honor, glory and love.

Benji “Grey” Madden preferred his computers to most people, but he’d do anything for the Silver Saints. Including fly almost halfway across the country for the baby sitting duty his president assigned to him and his club brother. Only he never expected to kidnap his charge’s best friend and claim her as his own. But one look at Lorelei Hansley, and he knew he’d found the woman who was meant to be his.

A dreamy firefighter returns to his home town with one goal-to win me back. I run into Blake Sinclair, the man who left me shattered by betrayal 10 years ago and I’m all hot and bothered and in a fit of Irish rage. In high school he was the star quarterback, but after one night of bad choices, his promising future and our relationship came to a screeching halt. Now he’s disrupting my perfect life as a second grade teacher and mama to my sweet pup. But the truth is, I haven’t moved on. From him or the breakup. Despite my resistance and fierce backup from my best friends, he’s not giving up this time. His good looks and those damn dimples weaken my defenses, tempting me to forgive the past and go all in on love again. Then, like deja vu, Blake relives his stupid mistakes and I question everything. Will the past continue to haunt us or will he find redemption in our love? 

Moving back to Scarlet Ridge was supposed to be my fresh start, but the bitterness of lost opportunities clashes with the warmth of nostalgia, forcing me to confront not only my past but a fiery spark that refuses to fade. It’s the annual fall festival in Scarlet Ridge and my mother has insisted I bid for a date in a silent auction in an attempt to get me back onto the dating scene. I bid the bare minimum, hoping to get her off my back while ensuring a loss, but when my name is called as the last winner, it doesn’t take long to realize her meddling ways have risen to new heights. When I’m introduced to my bachelor, I realize I’ve won a date with the one man I want to forget ever existed. But he’s not the Jamie I remember, and I’m not the girl he left behind.

He’s more than a rebound heating up my autumn nights. My heart could be in trouble. Police Chief Robbie Boyd has sworn to protect—me. Beefing up security around me, thanks to a pathetic stalking fan, means my eyes can feast on the chief’s beefy build regularly. His two sides appeal to me. The tough lawman can cuff me, take me to bed, and use all his dirty words to seduce me. While the soft sweeter man, when he’s not in uniform, talks to me like I’m a normal person, not some rock star on a pedestal. Yes, he can do whatever he wants to me. I’m ready, and this is more than a rebound. The only trouble is… Can I trust this small town officer won’t be like all the other men in my life before him who have taken advantage of my star status?

Death follows wherever I go, and now I need to pay my debts to their god… I’m Pilar Morales, the sixth daughter of the legendary Morales coven. Each of us is blessed with a gift but mine… is a curse. Since I was five years old I have seen the dead wandering our mansion. They reach out and talk. They begged for my help and I had to quickly learn how to guide them through the gates of hell. But on All Hallows’ Eve, everything goes wrong. My sisters and I are separated and I’m brought straight to the only being in the afterlife that hates me more than anything. Vic despises me. He wants to keep me in the underworld so I can’t ease the suffering of his souls. But the only way to keep me in hell is to take me as his bride. My new husband is set on making my eternal life miserable. He’s a god and I’ve been meddling in his business. And he’s not the god of forgiveness. I’m his wife. I’m his prisoner. I’ll never leave the underworld. But maybe… I like how he punishes me.

Trent Carpenter always wanted to see his name in the headlines…for the touchdowns he made. Not because of a deranged ex-wife. Everything was perfect for the star running back of the Carolina Cougars until it wasn’t. And signing divorce papers only added fuel to the fire. Kym Carpenter was determined to make life miserable for Trent, including destroying his career. After a night of treatment in the hospital following Kym’s latest episode, Trent finds hope and encouragement from a total stranger—someone who doesn’t recognize his name or know what he’s dealt with this past year. The last thing he needs, though, is another friend. Look at what the last one did for him. Something is different about Alanah George. The fact that she doesn’t judge him like everyone else is one thing, but the passion and desire they both have for one another is something he’s never experienced before. Is it too soon to be feeling this way about someone? When the Cougars unexpectedly trade Trent, could this be the fresh start he needs to finally put the past behind him once and for all? Or will he bid farewell to the one person who’s made him feel complete again?

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