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A feisty neighbor, a sizzling game. Who’s the captivating new neighbor? Mia, with those mesmerizing eyes, moving in next door. Sparks fly as her sass collides with my dominant demeanor. I’m her billionaire boss, she’s my smart and sassy neighbor – a lethal combination. But wait. She connects with Gloria, my beloved grandmother, in ways I never imagined. And when Gloria needs help, it’s Mia who steps up. That fiery drive, those curves – damn, she’s irresistible. Desire blurs lines. A stolen moment ignites a fire. I want her, need her. One taste wasn’t enough. But can I make her see that behind the bossy exterior, there’s more? She’s awakened a longing I can’t ignore.

Nearly ready to escape the marriage I thought would be salvation, I return home to find that someone else has set me free by murdering my husband. Free… If I can just stay alive long enough to enjoy it, because it looks like the vampires that killed him are still hungry and I look like a snack. On the run from one sexy sounding vampire, I fall into the lap of the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. He says he is no better than the guy after me, but he saves my life. What’s one more sin? Now I am in a world I never knew existed, vampires and magic are real. What seems like sin might be my only chance to survive. Besides, it’s just one little bite into a world beyond my wildest dreams.

I knew sleeping with my boss would be dicey…it could change everything. CEO Thomas Vail, a quiet, no-nonsense man, knows what he wants when he sees it. He recently found out his ex was keeping his son from him. I barely got my name out when he hired me on the spot, as his assistant. Maybe it was my curvy silhouette. I felt the panic in his eyes when he asked me to stay and help with his son. I couldn’t say no. We had a professional relationship; nothing can happen between us – like he hinted. His grip was dominating, his lips engulfed my body, I held tight to his body…I was such a rule breaker. Laying the little one down, kissing his head, for a split moment I felt like a family. I need to update my resume, single daddy needs more than an assistant…

At a lavish party with L.A.’s elite, a single dance becomes a passionate night with a super-sexy billionaire musician. I can’t escape the memory of how alive he made me feel. I’ve had the ultimate crush on him for years. He’s old enough to be my dad. Did I mention he’s also my best friend’s brother? He’s supposed to be off-limits. But I screwed up, big time. I’ve never been good at keeping secrets and I know my BFF wouldn’t approve. Now I’m forced to interview him for my next feature article. How can I resist the magnetic attraction between us? Forbidden fruit tastes the best and I can’t deny I’m still hungry for him…

An elevator ride with my billionaire boss shouldn’t change my life…But it did. San Francisco is just the fresh start I needed. New place. New job. New me. Things were looking up, until the coffee spill on the stranger in the elevator turned out to be my boss. “Out of sight, out of mind” I tell myself to keep a job. But one look into his crystal clear blue eyes I’m hooked. I should never fall for this grump. He’s my boss after all. And the secret he holds close to his heart means it can never work. The thought of his kisses says it can… But maybe love does conquer all… even if you have to bend a couple of rules along the way.

He depends on the kindness of strangers. Fremont: As a mining geologist, I scouted out uranium on the rez. My boss was an unstable tyrant who would tolerate no deviance from his sociopathic plan. I found uranium, all right—making the Navajo hogans glow, their corn shine green from space, their cattle keel over, twisted and deranged. It was a game-changer when I realized what decades of this poison was doing to the people. And a chance meeting with the white priest who had chosen his own deviance in the desert, well, my destiny was changed forever. I’ve been down, but I haven’t been out. And Father Moloney is the premier guide to assist me on this coming out journey. Father Noel: A cancer invaded our land. My parishioners were dying at a high rate, their limbs gnarled, fingers fused together, useless. But I never expected my crisis of faith to come in the form of a built, ripped geologist. I dreamed of Fremont’s arrival, his backpack bristling with scientific instruments. He holds the future of my congregation in his beautiful hands. Will he go up against the powerful conglomerate, risking health and fortune to help us? More than that, he’s stolen my soul with his vulnerable, down-to-earth honesty. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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