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Meet the McAllister brothers. Long lost siblings who share one deadbeat dad, a family fortune and are on the quest to find love. Tate is a workaholic with a penchant for adventure. Gavin is misguided and determined to win back the ex he let get away. And Warren just wants to have fun with as many women on as many continents as he can. Can these three brothers find out what happened to their father while also navigating messy relationships, broken hearts and all the secrets that keep coming at them?

Quick & Dirty : The best way to get over a millionaire is to get under a billionaire. – tattooed hero, billioniare philanthropist, resort owner, set in Tahiti, ten-day tryst, a grotto, adventure

Quick & Easy (A novella) : Getting over your ex isn’t as easy as getting back under them. -second chance for high school sweethearts, they salsa dance, one night of passion

Quick & Reckless : Sometimes being reckless can be a step in the right direction. -Aussie hero, jilted bride, step brother, secret baby, surprise pregnancy

The Beast of Wall Street was my dad’s best friend for years. Rumor has it he’s a beast in the bedroom as well… I went along with the fake marriage to Nick stipulated in my father’s will, hoping for a chance to find out if the rumors were true. And because I love him enough for both of us. But nope, one year later and I’m still a virgin (damn it all) pining after my secret crush. So naturally I run away, as one does. Nick soon follows — and proposes a new arrangement. One where I have to overcome my shyness and prove to him I truly desire to be his wife in every way. There are rules, so many rules. But that all go out the window when devastating news about Nick’s past arrives. Now I have to convince him he’s my beast — no matter what. I’m never going to let him go now that I know he wants me too (even though that tends to make him extra bossy and annoying!)

I came “home” to this small town to start over, not to start a new relationship. I’m here to heal, not to find the same old troubles with a new man. Ryan stopped to help when my car broke down. I didn’t want to like him, much less trust him. But I can’t help myself. My inheritance is a dump with no electricity. And Ryan is my new neighbor! Next thing I know, he’s helping me repair the house. And my heart. This is more than a fling, but I’m afraid to define it. I’m going to have to figure it out soon though, because the baby I’m carrying won’t stay a secret for long.

Single dad, billionaire, and my brother’s best friend – he is the very person I wished to avoid. Standing in the crowd, there he is—the man who shattered my dreams years ago. Now, he’s captivated by my singing and offered me a record deal. The catch? Mr. Producer needs me to pretend to be his girlfriend for his mom’s sake. Despite my hesitations, I agree to play along. His presence is magnetic, drawing me closer to him with every passing moment. No wonder work and enjoyment intertwine seamlessly. Soon, it becomes unclear what is pretend and what is real. His smile makes me weak in the knees and sends a rush of desire through my veins. I’m stuck between loyalty to my brother and the man who seems to complete me. Love or Family? The decision I face will shape my future and reveal where my heart truly belongs.

You can’t just use a girl and ghost her. But this guy did. My roommate has some hot jerk lead her on and break her heart, but what he doesn’t count on is me. I’m tired of seeing her hurt, so it’s my turn to play ball with his heart. This guy is going to fall in love with me and then poof—I’ll leave him dizzy in love and wondering how he’ll survive without me. The jerk needs a taste of his own medicine. The only problem? Holy hell is he fine. Like drool and stare fine. Of course he’s not just any regular dude. He’s gotta be rich, talented, and swoony. I’m in trouble. I thought I would take him for a ride, but I wasn’t ready for this guy.

I’ve got no time for his games… too bad I’m stuck & can’t get him out of my life. My past isn’t squeaky-clean – but after a messy divorce, I’m ready to settle & look after my young daughter. But a schoolyard scrap gets me tangled up with an infuriating, hot & sexy rich guy with a chip on his shoulder. Lucas Andrews gets what he wants. That won’t fly with me… but I find his hot sexy body & perfect face very distracting. Now our kids are best friends, I can’t keep him out of my life. But the more I’m around him, the more I see the man behind the mask. Tension builds up as I start to want him more and more. I think he feels the same. I caught him looking at my ass…I don’t want my heart broken again.

In Charming, Texas, the ultimate contest is underway. Who’ll be the next Mr. Charming? Odds favor Cole Kinsella, owner of the Salty Dog Bar & Grill. The bachelor is certainly handsome and charismatic, especially to his newest employee, and former high school sweetheart, Valerie Villanueva. Except…Val’s in the running, as well. Because why can’t a woman be the most charming? As the rivalry revs up, so do the stakes. Each desperately needs that prize money, but do they need each other more?

Benji “Grey” Madden preferred his computers to most people, but he’d do anything for the Silver Saints. Including fly almost halfway across the country for the baby sitting duty his president assigned to him and his club brother. Only he never expected to kidnap his charge’s best friend and claim her as his own. But one look at Lorelei Hansley, and he knew he’d found the woman who was meant to be his.

Another Silver Saints MC club brother falls hard and fast.

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