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Two best friends. A secret crush. Ten days to fall in love…again. Val: I almost had it all until my world turned upside down. I needed an escape from my cheating ex-boyfriend and my meddling mother. My best friend and one-time love, Raymond Smith, convinced me to pack my bags and leave the past in the past. A getaway to the Amalfi Coast was just what I needed. Romance is in the air. Our passion reignites. I swore I’d never let him break my heart again. But the more I tried to resist him, the more I realized he just might deserve a second chance. Ray: I desperately needed a vacation. I’ve held on to my secret for long enough. This trip was the perfect cover for me to prove how perfect we are together and finally win her back. Val may think it’s too late to begin again, but I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life—and I won’t leave Amalfi without her. Escape to Amalfi as Ray and Val share a steamy rendezvous that will have them both questioning whether best friends do indeed make the best lovers.

I live life for the thrills and Stormy is straight adrenaline. She goes straight to my… heart. If there’s one girl out there I shouldn’t mess with, it’s Stormy. Everything about her screams off limits. She’s too young, hurting from being screwed over, and my niece’s best friend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint. But this girl is the biggest temptation I’ve ever had. That’s anything but good—especially in the small town we live in. When her world is turned upside down on what was supposed to be her wedding day, I come to her rescue. As we walk out of the venue together, her dress in shambles, a bottle of tequila in one of her hands, and holding onto me with the other, tongues start wagging. Stormy doesn’t seem to care. I can’t say I do either. The longer I’m near her, the deeper I get. For once in my life, I’m not looking for a thrill, or even freedom. I just want her.

Which is easier, pretending to date my best friend, or pretending not to be in love with him? When the biggest career opportunity of my life–my own home reno TV show–sends me back to my hometown, I’m less than excited. Paradise, Idaho might be paradise for everyone else, but it never was for me. Except for my best friend, Zach. When he signs on to be a contractor on my show, things start to look up. And heat up. If only Zach wasn’t about to propose to someone else. Even my rocking curves and great hair can’t compete with that. Problem is, my fans think we’re a thing and want to see us together. And my show’s producers want what the fans want. My TV show is about to become my fantasy–a love story about Zach and me. But TV is the only place where the story can be true. Telling Zach how I feel means risking my business, and even worse, our friendship. I could lose everything. Including the one person I want more than anything.

The boss I hate just might be my baby daddy. It was the night I’ll never forget. Every face was hidden behind a mask. Yet, I was irresistibly drawn to a stranger… He was like a god walking amongst men and I had to have him. It didn’t take long for him to take charge and claim me between the sheets. But I have yet to see his face. I was daydreaming about the stranger at work. Until my boss walks in… Gawd, I hate him. Harrison Sloane. The grumpy, stubborn billionaire who thinks he’s god’s gift to women. But somehow, Harrison reminds me of the stranger. I might have been sleeping with the boss I hate. And to make things worse, I’m now pregnant with twins…

Happy endings are optional. If she steals Cinderella’s glass slipper, she gains her freedom. If she fails, she loses her life. A Beauty and the Beast/Cinderella retelling with elements of both exciting stories intertwined. Familiar favorites and interesting new characters you will fall in love with are cleverly woven together to make a story you won’t soon forget. Get ready for a tale of powerful magic with an enemies-to-lovers, slow burn romance, plenty of action, and surprising plot twists. At sixteen, Shayne should be attending parties and giggling over boys. But half-ling servants—half faerie and half mortal—aren’t allowed to have fun. Her destiny is to serve the royal family until she dies. It’s a bleak existence with no way out… or so she thinks. When a runaway bride chooses death over marriage to the pudgy prince, the Ivory Queen shoves the cursed engagement ring onto Shayne’s hand and announces that she will take the dead girl’s place. Marriage to the Toad? She’d rather die. Seeing her reluctance, the queen offers her a choice. She can marry the prince, or she can steal Cinderella’s glass slipper. Swiping a shoe from Cinderella’s last living relative sounds easy. Then she meets Cinderella’s son. It’s hate-at-first-sight for both of them. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

For a martial artist like Ryanne Brady, muggers are a mere inconvenience. So why has an ex-cop been sent to protect her? Ryanne is no stranger to tragedy. Her father died in a car accident when she was young. Eight years later, her mother committed suicide. Now an old family friend has disappeared after asking questions about a photo of Ryanne’s family and another friend has been attacked. Was the death of Ryanne’s father really an accident? Did her mother truly commit suicide? As knots begin to unravel that were tied long ago, Ryanne must fight to protect herself and those she loves. With the help of the ex-cop sent to protect her, can Ryanne solve the mystery and save her family friend, or will she become the next family tragedy?

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