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What’s the worst thing that could happen? Seeing Double Twin Sister Series is extra hot, with some spice to top it off. Enjoy this series of standalones, instalove, and full HEA Guaranteed! Fake Athlete: Out of options and desperate to hang onto my dreams of becoming a fashion designer, I’m left with no choice but to beg my twin sister to pull a switch with me. We’ve done it before, and it should be easy. The Professor’s Copy: When an injury forces me off the ice, I reluctantly agree to swap places with my twin sister, Cara. It’s a trick we haven’t pulled since we were children, but she’s desperate, and I’m bored. Pretend Ring Girl: Vic prides himself on being a reasonable man, but he won’t forgive someone who thinks they can take advantage of him. Been there, done that. But when the alluring Ella begs him not to come after her sister for stealing from him, Vic is torn. Fake Assistant: Dani has her eyes set on a singing career, but she’s faced one set back after another. Scraping by on whatever gigs she can get and her night job, Dani needs a break. She’s already decided to take a few days off from the boxing club where she works when her twin sister, Ella, begs her to pull a switch. 

Tori Baker isn’t in Montreal to celebrate Christmas with her aunt. Though the holidays probably happened, Tori’s too busy licking her wounds over a lost job to worry about trees and gifts. Now that it’s time to go home, Mother Nature has decided to drop a load of snow to ground flights everywhere north of the Mason-Dixon Line. With an aunt who barely has time for her, Tori’s stuck in a hotel, longing for her empty life back in Illinois—until she meets Hudson Jones in a coffee shop. Hudson Jones isn’t in Montreal by choice. In fact, he’d rather be anywhere else and not because of the city itself. When a snow day forces his office to work from home, he finishes early and heads out for a coffee shop where he can battle his headache with a strong black brew and pass some meaningless hours on his phone. Except his battery is nearly dead. The red head at the table behind him lends him her charger with a side of sass. More interested in conversation with her than a game on his phone, Hudson invites her on a walking tour of Montreal. She’s feisty; he’s unassuming. No wonder they go together like cigars and jazz. Unfortunately, they only have a day together before the real world calls. Was the Monday in Montreal just a crazy fling, or will Tori and Hudson hang on for more? 

Jaxon: Butterflies aren’t meant to be bound. It kills them faster than any predator. So when my best friend’s little sister, Ayla is ready to spread her wings in a brand new city for photography school, I do all in my power to help her. Then I say goodbye forever…except forever isn’t as long as I expected. My curvy, red-headed butterfly is flitting around Covet County for now, but I can’t delude myself into thinking this county, including me has all that she needs to soar. I’m a grump. A recluse. She’s sunshine after a bout of rain. It’ll never work. Ayla: I’ve soared. I’ve flown. And now I’m ready to land spread eagle on the perfect grumpy mountain man. Trouble is he won’t let me… Can a bout of hail and a few hours trapped in Jaxon’s cabin get him to see that I’m not going anywhere? Or will he allow his past to dictate our future? He says I’m his sunshine, so I’m determined to thaw his heart and let myself in.

Lola was the love of my life. Then one night everything changed. I woke up in the hospital to find she was gone without a trace. Daddy dearest kept me away from her for far too long before she left me, broken and confused about why she didn’t give me a chance. My disappointment and anger toward her only grew the longer I searched for her. After four agonizing years, I finally found her and now I demand answers and won’t leave until I get what’s mine. She’s mine. She’s still the same feisty woman I loved then, and I can still feel the heat of her touch, the fire that will likely burn me again. Standing face-to-face, at last, all the past hurt seems to dissipate, shadowed by the passion still cursing through my veins. Lola’s been keeping secrets. Two of them, as a matter of fact. Is that why she left me?

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