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A vampire unlike any other, Prophecy lives life in the dark until the night she encounters Valentine, a gorgeous vampire who is both her enemy and the man who will change her life forever. Convinced that the prophecy about her is wrong and unable to ignore the vision of them that he saw in her blood, Valentine goes against his orders to execute Prophecy and kidnaps her instead. The attraction between them grows as they search for the truth behind the prophecy, battle a dark evil that threatens to destroy the world, and attempt to evade their families and the Law Keepers. When the truth about her is revealed, will Prophecy be strong enough to face it? Will they discover a way to save the world from Hell? And will they finally see past the hatred bred into them by their families and surrender to their love?

He needs forgiveness. He isn’t expecting to find love… After a near-fatal accident ends Eli’s career in the Army, he returns home, uncertain of what kind of welcome he’ll receive from his family. He did a lot of stupid things as a teenager, hurting them deeply. Especially his brother Noah, whose forgiveness he isn’t sure he deserves. He just knows he has to try. He’s turned upside down again when he meets Haley, his physical therapist. With a heart-stopping smile that punches him in the gut, and enough sass and backbone to enchant him, she represents another example of a second chance he’d never thought to have—a second chance at love. Haley isn’t prepared for the longing Eli stirs up inside her. Her life is nowhere near uncomplicated at the moment. With the weight of her grandfather’s care resting on her shoulders, she barely has time to breathe, much less fall in love. Still, she finds herself drawn to Eli, and once he’s no longer her patient, she can’t resist his charm. But the bitter past isn’t ready to be forgotten yet. And this time, if the past wins, Eli will lose everything he’s rebuilt with the people he loves. 

Damien Fernandez never claimed to be one of the good guys. The last time he tried—saving a shifter woman from being murdered by his ex-boss—he ended up with his employer in jail, no severance pay, and an effed-up knee from where an exploding building fell on it. But when he finds a gorgeous, sexy thief about to be outed in public as a shifter, he can’t stop himself from helping her—even if it means losing another job and almost getting blown up. Again. Lila Mondray, lion shifter, has been raised from childhood for one mission, one destiny—to hunt down a priceless set of magical artifacts and return them to the Dragonlands, restoring her exiled family’s honor. Now she’s almost there. She just never figured on her singular focus being derailed by a drop-dead-gorgeous, ridiculously persistent human bodyguard who makes her question everything her father raised her to believe. And when he takes her into hiding with the Wild Blood Crew, a whole new shifter world opens up in front of her—and so does her heart. So when Lila’s mission takes a disastrous turn, it’s up to Damien and the Wild Bloods to show her what love, family and loyalty really mean. But will they be too late? 

Four years ago, I betrayed his trust. He retaliated by breaking my heart. Adam Ryan had secrets. The kind better off where they belonged. Buried. As an urban explorer, I’m not afraid of a little trouble. But when I venture to the one place Adam forbade me from, I get more than I bargained for. Him and his friends. Along with their threats. Their violence. And their lust. Adam might claim to still hate me. What he hates more? That his friends want me, too. But they’re not the only threat to my existence. Someone else is after me. Someone who knows Adam’s secrets as well as they know mine.

Magic flies when Emma butts heads with the rake next door. The devilishly handsome man that comes to the back garden daily is the infamous Duke of Kensington. The Duke tries to control Emma’s free spirit, but the spark of desire takes over her better judgment. He is the fuel to her fire, and she is the calm to his storm. Her sass and knack for putting people in their place are irresistibly seductive to him. Her parents desperately want her to marry, but she does not want to give up her freedom. The Duke must marry if he wants to inherit his father’s fortune. Determined not to let Emma go, he offers a quick and easy solution benefiting both parties: to be his wife for one year. But nothing can prepare them for the sea-tossed ride of emotions to come. Sparks fly, affections bind, and trust is tested. But all that matters is love… if their love is true.

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