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From the ruins of my world, I encounter a Billionaire Navy Seal, awakening a love as magical as the cosmos. He stumbles upon me, a survivor of a decimated planet, consumed by the flames of revenge against the Zoraxians. Alex, a man of immense strength and wealth, becomes my anchor in this perilous mission. As our journey unfolds, his allure intensifies, but can I reveal my true identity without jeopardizing it all? Together, we navigate treacherous realms, honing our enchantments and conquering formidable obstacles. Yet, the pull of our romance strains under the weight of my vendetta. In the face of cosmic turmoil, our love burns brighter than the stars. As the final battle looms, our destinies entwine, and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Will our bond endure, or will the galaxies be forever altered in the crucible of our love?

I’m not the hero in this story. I’m the villain… The notoriously angry, grouchy, D.C. Eagles defenseman that just can’t keep his temper in check. The temper that leads to a fifteen game suspension from the NHL. As if that’s not bad enough, I’m forced into a short term youth-hockey coaching gig. Which my manager swears will “rebuild my image.” But what I didn’t expect was for a gorgeous, spunky blonde to stomp onto the ice on day one and lecture me about being rude to her little brother. Something about this spitfire of a woman, and the boy she’s so protective of, has my defenses melting. And if I’m not careful, I’ll burst into flames, forever melting the ice I’ve carefully kept around my heart.

What is in the dark will come to light- especially when you’re Don of the most ruthless crime family. She may have thought she was slick-the way my johnson engulfed her warmth and soaked my sheets last night. But that little witch of a cop thinking she could trick me of all people is laughable. I’m Luca…Don of the Bonnano Family. Now that I know the truth, Annabelle and her family must pay me back in full. Even if we had another slip up and my johnson crashed into her waves again. Her thick wavy hair and sickening body won’t take me and my family down. Seduction and deception may be most men’s kryptonite, but, Annabelle checkmate. You are about to learn that the Bonannos always win. At least that’s what I keep telling my heart…

Agree to play fake fiance for a work retreat? Sure. With your new boss who also happens to be your ex from high school? Why not. I took a wrong turn on my first day of work into the men’s locker room and BAM. There he is. Jenson Sharpe may be half-naked, damp, and delicious, but that doesn’t give him the right to be rude. Even if he is the CEO of the company I just started working for. The instant, familiar chemistry is there. He asks me to fake an engagement to impress the owner of the company. And he’s going to pay me to do it. I ignore everything in me screaming NO, and end up screaming YES on a company retreat. As the pretend kisses become all too real, our old flame flickers back to life. Now I’m caught between the past and the present. Fake and real..This was meant to be just an act. A stepping stone. I tell myself he’s changed into a cold, hard CEO focused on profits. That will make it easy to walk away when this is over. Right? 

Fear is the name of his game. Nothing’s going right in Melody Carter’s life right now. She’s broke, unemployed, and living in the shadow of her successful fashion-model sister Sahara. But that ain’t even the half of Melody’s problems, the biggest one is Keith Taylor, Sahara’s new boyfriend who’s slowly worming his way into the sisters’ lives. Keith’s perfect to everyone else: successful, gorgeous, and at 35 he’s the co-CEO of his family’s billion-dollar company. But Melody feels she has every reason to hate him from his arrogance, his controlling ways, and how every woman he’s had a relationship with seems to disappear. While everyone else seems blinded by the silver-tongued bachelor, Melody will do anything in her power to prove that Keith is the devil himself.

Lincoln “Link” Nash was as good at cracking heads together as managing money as the Silver Saints MC Treasurer. The last thing he wanted to do was play babysitter to Harlowe Reed—some kid the club offered to protect. Then Harlowe arrived with her sassy mouth and sexy body. She may only be a year older than his daughter, but she’s all woman. Link knows he’s too old for her, but it won’t stop him from keeping her.

Sometimes the heart just knows… it’s everything else that takes longer! Kayla: It’s painfully delicious being this close to the man I’ve been in love with for ten years, three months, and a handful of days. My former commanding officer has only gotten grumpier over the years, but no less gorgeous. At least, since he doesn’t recognize me, I’m spared from seeing pity in his eyes. He’s lonely though and I’m going to help him find happiness, even if that means with someone else. Or so I think until he calls me into his office and guilts me into baring my soul… Jed: I’ve no business tracking the delightful curves of a certain auburn-haired bombshell as she moves through the office. She’s disturbingly familiar and too damn young. Until someone submits an application to the IPDIESAC study group that has all the guys speculating about my love life… and who wants to fix it. When the phone number I call once a year is tracked to none other than Kayla, I know I have to act fast. She’s always been mine to protect, now she’s mine to love.

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