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More treacherous than war… are the battles within a heart. Perched between branches and shadows, We watch, we scheme, Fighting for a kingdom forgotten and forlorn. Until we rip her away with our claws, Our prisoner, our pawn, our plaything. She’s innocent and pure, Fragile and helpless… but oh so guilty by blood. She calls us beasts, Wicked and evil, Vicious and cruel. We are all that and worse. One of us offers her shelter beneath his wings, Whispering promises of pleasure, Seeking redemption. The other longs to shatter her into a million pieces, Whispering promises of pain, Seeking revenge. Caught between our feathers, She endures our deranged desires, Our secrets, our lies, Our twisted plans. Will she surrender to our darkness, or fight for a destiny growing ever elusive? Welcome to the Court of Ravens, little white dove.

Bellamy Mitchell is a meticulous planner. When her old flame returns to Cedar Point engaged, blowing apart her vision for the future, she claims to have a serious boyfriend. The problem? The first single guy she can think of is her brother’s much older, closed-off best friend. Rusty Fuller likes to keep people at a distance. He’s been through enough to know that letting anyone too close is a mistake, unless it’s only for a little fun. What he definitely doesn’t need is his best friend’s little sister turning him into anyone’s boyfriend, especially her own. For some reason, helping Bellamy is a challenge Rusty can’t refuse, and he develops a reluctant soft spot for the woman beloved by everyone in town. She’s too young, too innocent, but also too hard to resist. So he promises himself this fake dating gig is just that: fake. When Rusty and Bellamy find more in each other than either of them expected, they’re faced with a difficult question. Is what they share too flawed to be real? Or did they stumble upon their own kind of perfect?

Thea: Life was good until my dad died and my Mom remarried. Her new husband was no saint, but compared to his son, he might as well be. Daniel tortured me for years, and every time I ran away, he dragged me right back. This time would be different. This time I’d made a plan… Daniel planned better. The only thing neither of us counted on was Cane Landon. He was as sexy as sin and as hard as nails, and he claimed me as his … promised to protect me. Cane: Everything I do is for the Forever Midnight Motorcycle Club; my brothers, my family. I’d never questioned my loyalty until Thea walked into my life. She’s mine and I’ll do anything to keep her safe. When my brother, the president of Forever Midnight MC, told me to hand her back to the family that tormented her dreams. I told him where he could shove that idea. Now, the only family that matters is her… I’ll keep my promise and keep her safe. No matter the cost.

He’s been burned by commitment. She can’t seem to find the one. Will the Colorado mountains be their matchmaker? Cam Blue can’t wait to spend the summer in solitude. After a grueling hockey season, all the sought-after defenseman wants is to retreat to his new ranch and unwind. But when heavy rains strand the guarded man with an attractive neighbor, he feels his frosty heart start to crack. Terra White worries something is wrong with her. Used to guys who never commit, she’s frustrated when the hunky sports star stays determined to keep his distance despite their bond. And after their time together ends and both return home, she expects never to see him again. As Cam struggles to date and move past his painful failed marriage, he remembers the ease of his new friendship and reaches out. And though their platonic relationship blossoms through text and late-night calls, Terra fears she’ll never be enough for Cam to cross the line over to love. Will they put passion on ice, or can they skirt their defenses to find a happily ever after? 

A hot wildlife veterinarian who’s as prickly as a porcupine. A hotel concierge who just wants to keep everybody happy. And the twin switch that will force them together for a week of hilarious chaos and slow-burn chemistry. Ambitious London hotel concierge, Becca Stratton, has put her people-pleasing superpower to good use, building a career that has her on the fast-track to hospitality greatness. But her powers are put to the test when she’s called home to South Africa to step into her identical twin’s uber-glam stilettos…literally. All she has to do is masquerade as TV presenter Gem for seven days, rehabbing her sister’s celebrity image after a social media disaster. Seven days doing community service at a rustic wildlife sanctuary to save her twin’s career? Easy. Except that Becca’s powers have deserted her, and instead of repairing the damage, she’s now the one causing it…right in front of the sanctuary’s surly, smug, and far too attractive head vet, Dr Sullivan Scott, who gets a huge kick out of watching ‘Gem’ fail. As one hilarious disaster follows the next and the sparks ignite between Becca and Sully, she’s forced to choose between risking her twin’s career, or continuing to lie to the man she’s falling for. 

A smokin’ hot dad falls for the innocent nanny…and he’s a mafia boss. Nic DeLuca was used to taking what he wanted. Born to lead a powerful mafia family, he was not in the habit of asking for permission—or forgiveness. Willing to cross any boundary when it came to possessing what he considered to be his, Nic knew Anna Martin was meant for him from the moment he laid eyes on her. Nic was quick to move the innocent nanny into his home… and his bed. But he hid his dark side from her. The deception was necessary to ensure Anna fell for him before she realized exactly who he was.

I have more money than I know what to spend it on. The power that comes with being a partner at a law firm. A closet-full of tailored Brioni suits. The ugly divorce. A daughter I love more than life itself, even if I’m not sure she’s mine. What I don’t have is her. My queen of thorns. Maria Tavares has the paralyzing effect of a black widow disguised as a femme fatale. She’s brains and beauty, and has the audacity to f*ck around like a man without regard for feelings. And she lives by the mantra, “hit it and quit it.” Yours truly included. After a one-night stand six months ago, I want my formidable rose—any way I can have her. When she comes to me needing a favor, I’m quick with a proposition she can understand: an arrangement. Three months. All in. Strings attached. No interferences. Titles exchanged. Mine. In this battle of wills, Maria will discover that I know she needs to be handled with a firm hand. Especially while she’s on her knees for me.

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