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Wedding Bells. Check. Passport. Check. Honeymooning in Ireland. Check. When two, sassy, quirky, best friends marry the men that captured their hearts—the world becomes a better place for them all. Mara and Brenna have dreamt of a trip across the world since they were kids. With their husbands, Noah and Abel, at their side they set off on this epic adventure with a map, a bucket list, and a prayer. There’s so much to do. Places to see, eat and christen…all while keeping themselves out of trouble—Challenge accepted.

Will he choose love or honor? Orphaned Kate Scoville is trapped in a tower prison by her scheming uncle, who plans to wed her to his loathsome son in order to gain control of her fortune. Plucky and resourceful, Lady Kate escapes to London to ask for help from her guardian. She’s sure the elderly Earl of Devere will help her in her plight. Kate is astounded to find that the Earl has died, and his son has become her guardian. Quinn, the present Earl, remembers Kate from his childhood as an awkward child he loved to taunt and tease. But now his ward has grown into a beautiful young woman. Though honor prevents Quinn from making Kate his, their attraction is irresistible… Will Kate tempt Quinn into abandoning honor? Will the wicked uncle trap Kate, compromise her and steal her fortune?

The Sweet Obsessions Box Set is a complete collection of four short stories and lots of steam to warm you up. Get comfy here’s four incredibly steamy, HEA guaranteed, standalones all wrapped up in a nice package just for you.

Daddy’s Secret Angel: I’ve had a secret guardian angel for as long as I can remember. Whenever I’m in trouble, he’s there to rescue me.

An Innocent Crush: For most of her life, Faith has looked to Erik Hart’s movies for comfort and inspiration. Getting close to the handsome celebrity has become her obsession.

Plated for the Chef: Iris has a plan. When aspiring vlogger, trades places with her look-alike sister to expose their cruel boss’s behavior, the last thing she expects is to meet world-renowned celebrity chef, Giovanni Canari.

Tempting my Stepbrother: For the past ten years, Molly has pined for her stepbrother, Aaron. Despite the distance separating them, the two have formed an unshakable friendship, but Molly is tired of making due with only phone calls and text messages.

Growing up in the Rugged Skulls MC, my life was a rollercoaster. For year’s I’ve kept Astrid at arm’s length, but she never hid her feelings for me, tempting me at every turn. She was destined for someone better than me, so I learned to push my desire down, hiding how much I wanted her. I knew what I needed to do. I drove her away out of the country and as far away from me as she could run. Years have gone by with me living my life as she has. But now she’s back and all the control I thought I had around her was destroyed in a single glance. Dirty blonde hair, a body that could tempt a saint with the bluest eyes I’ve seen. She’s older, stronger and more stubborn than ever, only instead of pulling me closer, she’s determined to push me away. But I won’t give her up, no matter what happens. She’s mine, she always was and I’m ready to prove that I’ll never be stupid enough to let her go again.

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