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Cassidy Love, a popular YouTube chef and Evan Slater, a former pro baseball player for the Idaho Outlaws, and new sports podcaster, come together via an Instagram set up that only one of them knows about. Follow along as Cassidy and Evan come to terms with their intense attraction, sexy banter, and shared interests on their way to a new chapter in their lives ~ including a happily ever after. Welcome to Pineville, Idaho where love always finds a way. Love at Evermore & 39th is a steamy, curvy woman, sports star, later in life, insta-love romance.

I wonder if I can ride my co-worker as well as I ride my bulls. I was supposed to stay single, work the ranch, and enjoy the rodeo lifestyle. Oh. And NO more relationships. Then Daisy, the new ranch hand arrives. Couldn’t they have hired another cowboy? She’s beautiful, captivating, and my new co-worker. I can’t resist her, but I’m not the only one. She attracts attention from every cowboy, and guess who’s buddying up with this stallion? Daisy. Every time she walks by me in her skin-tight jeans, I just want to devour her. Our chemistry is undeniable and before long we’re secretly giving the horses a show in the stables. Daisy has built walls around her heart. But our forbidden passion is slowly tearing them down. Just when I thought I had her, my past comes back to haunt me, with the potential to ruin everything we’ve built so far.

I slept with the HOT grump next door… then learned he’s my new boss. Simon Chaucer is a handsome, arrogant, Billionaire CEO playboy, who’s also my cousin’s grumpy neighbor. While I’m house sitting for my cousin, Simon’s noisy home renovation disturbs my sleep. So, I show up at his house and give him a piece of my mind. We bicker and clash until sparks ignite and we can’t keep our hands off each other. His touch is electric and makes every inch of my body heat up, like a fire burning inside of me. Things are about to get even hotter with him until I start my new job and meet my new boss… and it’s him—Simon. Now, he’s off limits. But as we spend time together at the office, the tension between us grows. And I realize there’s so much more to him. Then, things get more complicated with a big fat plus sign. I’m falling in love with him, but I can’t have him. He’s not ready to settle down. And I can’t risk being heartbroken. Or will Simon prove that he’s a family man after all? 

Prepare for a whirlwind of supernatural chaos in a night gone demonically wrong… Patience, a witch with a thirst for answers, finds herself trapped in a web of lost memories and unanswered questions, even after half a century. Plagued by haunting visions of piercing red eyes and plagued by mysterious dreams, the truth eludes her. Seeking distraction, she defies all laws and infiltrates the forbidden vampire club, Moarte. Little does she know, her world is about to spiral into darkness. When her closest friend, Michael, undergoes a terrifying transformation into a full-fledged demon, Patience is driven to desperate measures. She binds him to his vampire lover, hoping to save him from the abyss. But the situation takes a treacherous turn when Lucius, the formidable brother of Michael’s vampire escort, emerges with a seething hatred for witches—and an undeniable magnetic pull towards Patience. Forced into an unlikely alliance, Patience and Lucius must join forces to locate a precious soul gem that holds the key to breaking the deadly bond before Michael and his brother’s soul are irrevocably lost. As their dangerous alliance deepens, long-buried memories resurface, connecting them in ways they never expected. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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