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A single mom in danger and the ex-military biker who becomes her protector… I found her on the doorstep with a baby in her arms. A woman on the run, as damaged as I am. We each have our demons from the past. Mine are internal and harder to fight, remnants from my days in the military. But I can take on Trish’s demons. When her ex comes to claim her, he doesn’t expect to find an entire MC club of hardened ex-military mountain men fighting her corner. Because I’ll do anything to protect my wild runaway.

Sometimes, the grumpiest people are the most misunderstood. Take my boss, Ezra, for instance. He’s cold. Distant. Seems like he’s carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. He wasn’t always like this. No. Once, he looked at me with desire in his eyes and hunger in his heart. But that was for the briefest of moments–until we slept together in Philadelphia. After that, everything changed. It’s almost a year and a half later, and I’m three-thousand miles across the country, attending a work conference. A conference where Ezra’s also speaking. When I subsequently end up at his house, I discover the device that looks more like a VR headset. I put it on, even though I know I shouldn’t, and I accidentally end up traveling through time. After I come face to face with Ezra of the past, I know life as I understand it is about to change forever.

Fake fiancé to a billionaire ex-football player was the plan, having his baby wasn’t. It all started with a hookup I met at the bar. he was charming with a body of steel. After giving him the best night of his life, he makes an offer I can’t refuse. In order to claim his inheritance, he needs a wife, pronto! With a broke down car and two dollars to my name, a fake marriage for a real future. Game on! What started as a fairytale, soon turned into a nightmare. He’s damaged and can’t handle my sassy ways. Soon our bickering turns into passion. The more we fight, the more I want him. And before I know it, I am screaming his name. Now the lines are blurring, and what started off fake, seems so real. But he hides behind a mask of secrets, which is ok, I have a few of my own. How is he going to react when I drop the unexpected bombshell… that he’s going to be a daddy.

One glance at the gala. One dance around the floor. One night of passion. She lost her innocence in Istanbul… Celia had finally arrived in the magical city—Istanbul. Halfway through her internship at the museum, she discovered a world-changing archaeological find—a career-maker that would change what’s historically understood about Istanbul. Then, without warning, authorities shut down her dig. Deniz had finally greased enough palms to get the land he wanted. Now he could build the most architecturally advanced hotel in Istanbul––and prove to his father that he was ready to take the reins to Kemal Industries, his family’s real estate empire. But then it happened––a beautiful face he thought he’d never see again stormed into his office, making demands and flipping his world upside down…

With the tragic loss of his wife almost 2 years ago, Hudson Barlow is a lost soul struggling to find his way in the world again. Deciding on small steps, he convinces himself to grab coffee at a local diner. Easy enough, he thinks. What Hudson didn’t realize was that this tiny chance was a much bigger step into an unsuspected friendship and journey of self-discovery. With her abusive ex finally in her rear view, Amelia Davis is trying to move forward with her life. She’s settled into what feels like her happy place. Her own apartment, a great diner job and friends that have quickly become the greatest chosen family. Despite loving her peaceful routine, in walks a stranger who seems on edge, lost even. Amelia can’t help but be drawn to find out why… Hudson is terrified to move forward without his past. Amelia is afraid of her past coming to find her. Can the two of them find what they need in each other? Can they create a future together or will they…crash & burn?

Sophie: I’ve loved Liam since I had thick glasses and shiny new braces. Now that I’m attending Crestwood University with him, I’m determined to make him see me as more than his best friend’s little sister. Things are going exactly as planned when I propose one night to fulfill our every desire. But will we be able to give each other up after one night? Or will he finally cave into our mutual obsession… Liam: Sophie is the sweet little girl who always tagged after her older brother and me. She’s one of the few people in my life that I can count on. When her older brother asks me to look after her at college, I don’t expect my Sophie to show up as a feisty and fierce knockout. I can’t help but want her, but what comes next? I can only give her one night, but what happens when that night is over? Sophie has turned into the object of my obsession…

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