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A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do … And sometimes, a girl’s got to sneak away from her own wedding to get out of an arranged marriage to a mobster. You know how these things go. Mafia kids don’t always get to choose, but Lucky Castellano just can’t bring herself to marry the son of her father’s rival, even if it means peace between the families. Ditching her groom at the altar, she hides in a van and wakes up in a small town in the middle of nowhere. With nothing to her name but a designer wedding dress, a tube of Chanel lipstick, and a whole lot of Sicilian attitude, she sets out to reinvent herself—and the driver who unwittingly saved her from a loveless marriage. Anthony quit a promising career as a musician to raise his younger siblings after their parents died. When a woman in a wedding dress falls out of the back of his van and into his arms, his quiet life is turned upside down. And when Lucky appoints herself his manager and starts getting him gigs, he begins to dream of stardom again… and starts to fall for the brash runaway bride. But the mob has a long memory, and their relationship is put to the test when Lucky’s groom shows up looking for her. Soon, she and Anthony may have to choose between love and stardom… and maybe just staying alive. 

I shouldn’t be the nanny for the sexy, older billionaire…but I am. My teenage fantasies came crashing down when I learned my celebrity crush was an arrogant jerk in real life. He actually got mad when I played with his adorable 4-year-old on a flight. But there’s nothing hotter than a protective dad with a chiseled, blue-eyed-bod. When he picked me to be his nanny, I knew I had to prove myself. But being around his bulging muscles and hearing that little voice call me “Mom” made the job more difficult than I thought. Next thing I knew, I was pushed up against a wall, with my legs wrapped around him. This action-movie hero might just be the real-life hero I didn’t know I needed.

When Lady Sarah Parker attempts to defy the orders of her family and refuse an arranged marriage by an unknown benefactor’s generous offer, she sets on a quest to find true love’s embrace. Enter William Kingsley—the dashing and notoriously sour-tempered lord of high birth, a figure so far removed from her ordinary life that it could only be likened to a fairytale. They were meant to remain worlds apart amidst the cast iron rules of society. Crossing their respective stations could bring shame, heartache and threaten their two families with disgrace, as Lord Kingsley was engaged to another. Fate throws them together in a cabin during a storm and their immediate attraction is undeniable. As scandal swirls around them faster than ever before anticipated, they soon realize they must put on yet another act: this time as betrothed lovers instead! In a desperate attempt to protect their reputations, Sarah and William agree to an unlikely fake engagement, only to find themselves forced into a real marriage. Can they overcome their differences and admit their true feelings for each other? Or will a wicked plan from Lord Kingsley’s former fiancee keep them forever separated? 

I had a mind-blowing night with a sexy stranger. Now he’s my boss, and I’m falling for him. Ethan set my body on fire. But he doesn’t remember our scorching night together. Now I’m his secretary, keeping this secret even if it tortures me. His piercing blue eyes send shivers down my spine. Powerful hands that leave me breathless with each lingering touch. These late-night rendezvous keep blurring the lines between work and desire. This billionaire CEO wrecks my heart and mind in ways I can’t admit. But Jake, my brother, and these professional boundaries complicate everything. Keeping these secrets with my brother’s best friend just might consume me. Choosing between family loyalty and forbidden love feels impossible. Little did I know, our intertwined lives would lead to unforeseen consequences.

When Baltimore Homicide Detective Lisa Swanson and her partner Dee Quarter are called to investigate the murder of Ernest Juarez, Lisa meets wheelchair user Jake Jenson, a man determined to find his best friend’s killer at all costs. Jake is instantly attracted to the standoffish Lisa yet can’t understand why Lisa keeps him at arm’s length.What Jake feels is resistance toward him, is really Lisa’s distrust of men caused by a previous relationship centered on domestic violence. Lisa desperately searches for Ernest’s killer while fighting her feelings for Jake and trying to mend the pain from her past. Jake just might be the man of Lisa’s dreams, but will she let shame and fear stand in the way of a new love?

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