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He’s not her teacher anymore, but he can still teach her a few things. Fifteen years ago, Celeste was eighteen, in love, and on the honor roll. Then she got pregnant. Now, a widow and a single mom, she does her best to give her daughter, Sabrina, a good life. But something is missing in her world. Or someone. Back when he taught her math, Celeste didn’t have a crush on Mr. Travis, but that doesn’t mean she’s not hot for teacher now or able to ignore her rampant fantasies. All Max wanted to do was buy was a pair of jeans. However, when he bumped into his former student, Celeste, he ended up with so much more. She’s not a kid anymore and it’s impossible for him to stay away from her. Even when he knows he should. But an angry student is out to wreak havoc for them all. One who hates Sabrina, and wants to cause problems for Max and Celeste. Like love, high school can be a battlefield, only neither of them knew just how dangerous it could be until the scandal explodes like a grenade. Celeste and Sabrina’s relationship hangs precariously in the balance, and Max isn’t sure if he should stay and fight for the woman he’s falling for, or get out of dodge before everything he’s worked so hard for goes up in smoke. 

In the business of matchmaking and can’t find love? That’s me. It’s always fun to find that special someone for our client, you know, the one they ride off into the sunset with. But me? I just get burned by the sun, stung by bees, and wind up sea sick from the boat ride. Unfortunately my twin sister and I made a pact when we were kids regarding this ‘love’ thing. If we were unmarried at thirty, we’d really go ham on trying to find Mr. Right. So thirty showed up. Go figure. But my should-be husband is apparently lost in the universe and refuses to stop and ask for directions. Lucky for me, my firm (the matchmaking one) is going to make me go through the process of finding my forever guy for a documentary that’ll prove we’re legitimate. I’d rather swim in the sewer, but that wasn’t an option. The minute I start our ‘dating in the dark’ process, my mind opens to something I’ve never realized. My best friend, the one that has been there all along, suddenly looked perfect. And hot. Disturbing for sure. But soooo hot. Now I’m stuck in the middle. Falling for my blind date and my best friend at the same time. When it rains it pours. Apparently, men. I have no clue who I should choose or even how I should do it. Love has pushed me out for thirty years and now it’s decided to pull me in. Help?!?! 

My life turns upside down the day I crash into the back of Dylan Chase’s Ferrari. He’s condescending, arrogant and now he’s my new boss. His rudeness drives me crazy but I need this job. To make matters worse, I can’t stop staring at his strong jawline and rock-hard body. Then a mix-up with hotel reservations finds us sharing a room on a business trip. To protect his business interests and my reputation, we’re forced to fake a relationship. Being in such close proximity, the animosity between us melts away and so do my panties. But it all starts to unravel when his ex comes on the scene and I start receiving threatening messages. Now Dylan must choose between guarding his heart and protecting me.

Falling for my sizzling hot grumpy boss was a no no, but I said yes. Accepting a job with Mr. tall, dark and gorgeous was a dream come true. He asked me to be his date for his sister’s wedding, an offer I couldn’t refuse. Spending a week on a private island with Tylor, relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sun, sounded perfect. Tylor is unlike anyone I have ever met. Although he may be a grump, he also has a sweet tender side to him. The moonlight kissed our bodies as I lay in the soft white sands. Tylor’s arms wrapped around me, the moonlight kissing our bodies as his hands explored mine. Looking into his deep blue eyes, I gave myself completely to him. I knew in that moment that he was the man I had always dreamed of and now he’s mine. Little did I know the danger that lay ahead, a plot so sinister and secrets long buried, threatening to destroy us both. Tylor must save me from these evil people before it’s too late. Will he rescue me, will our love survive the secrets of his past or will my heart be forever broken.

Issa Dubova is the queen of cloudy diamonds: A Bratva princess and my reluctant new wife. She’s a pretty bargain in exchange for the names of the men who killed my father. I’m a black suit of spades, determined to bury both her and my demons. I never asked to see the shape of her heart. I never asked for her to fill the blank spaces of mine. But the mafia wants her secrets. I’m not the first she betrayed. And Issa? Sweet, not-so-innocent Issa? She’s now a debt no sinner can pay.

He’s an insufferable, silver fox billionaire, a single dad, and my brother’s close friend. Oh…and I can’t get him out of my head. My aunt’s invitation to come help her at her bakery was my perfect plan of escape. Being a runaway bride has taken a toll on my emotions, and there was something about icing cupcakes that calmed my crazy. Then…I dump a cake on a suit being worn by Sam Ward, the grumpy Greek god with gorgeous green eyes. Luckily he didn’t recognize me, so my secret was still safe…for now. Sparks ignite between us as we clash at every turn, but beneath his hardened exterior, I sense a vulnerability that draws me in turning my escape into an alluring dessert plate I never knew existed. Feeling this comfortable with Sam has caught me off guard, but telling him about my past could risk everything. It’s a risk I’m not sure I can take.

I was a broken cowboy, tethered only to my children and ranch. Then I met Rayna. One glance in a lonely airport. Her beauty captivates me, and a one-night stand turns into a secret affair that sets our worlds on fire. But when she walks into my daughter’s school days later, the passion becomes more than a hidden tryst; it becomes a dangerous obsession. Our love is fierce, but it’s threatened by an unseen enemy determined to destroy me. The line between right and wrong blurs as danger looms, and a heartbreaking choice must be made. Rayna believes stepping away can save me, but how can I let go when she’s my salvation? In a dance of love and peril, will our love survive, or will it be consumed by the very flames that brought us together? Time is running out, and the battle is on.

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