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To say I’m excited about going to Belize with my family is an understatement. Since moving to Paris and leaving my parents and sister behind in the US, this vacation will give us the chance to spend some much needed, quality time together. My parents’ best friends are also joining us, as well as their two sons. I haven’t seen Kevin since graduation. As soon as our eyes meet, I can tell the past decade has done him well. There’s nothing nerdy about this sexy man, and it turns out my attraction to him is mutual. As the tension between us grows, our chemistry is hard to resist. With our families here to complicate things, we’re keeping our fling a secret. Kevin and I can savor some Belize bliss together and no one ever has to know. After all, what happens in Belize stays in Belize… right?

He’s a billion-dollar heir. Notorious playboy. Scorching hot trouble wrapped up into one forbidden package. Arrogant and self-centered, he’s had everything served to him on a silver platter, including any woman he wants. I dreamt of becoming a famous singer/songwriter until a tragedy put that on hold. But, my life took an unexpected turn when our worlds suddenly collided. First, he saved me during a robbery like a true muscle oozing superhero. And then, he offered me a thousand dollars to be his eye candy at a high society gala. It’s simple, all I have to do is pretend to be his fiancée for one night. When it’s over … I can take the money, and never see him again. Unable to resist his electrifying touch and smoldering kisses the lines between make-believe and reality soon blur. Yet as our forbidden love grows, there are dangerous secrets lurking in the shadows threatening to tear us apart. I should walk away. If I don’t, I’m not sure either one of us will survive this unscathed.

When rock star Jamie Fontaine finds himself stranded in Dublin due to a snowstorm, he has no battery juice or charger for his cell phone. He has no email passwords and he can’t remember a single phone number for assistance from work. To top it all off there are no hotel rooms available in Dublin, due to the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. However, just when he’d thought all hope was gone a gorgeous girl in a bar called Daisy, gives him his lucky break. A break with contingencies that puts him to work, but not in his usually famous rock star way.

I had a one-night stand in Milan two years ago. I didn’t know the grumpy silver fox is my uncle’s best friend… Michael Durand. Gorgeous billionaire and a stubborn jerk. I never thought I’d see him again. But in a cruel twist of fate, I end up living with him while my clueless uncle is away on a business trip. Reminded daily of the mind-blowing night we shared together, the sensual tension ignites, giving way to my wild imagination. In a moment of accidental touch, our bottled-up desires explode, and we indulge in the pleasure between the sheets. Now every time I’m in his presence, multiple O’s follow. I’m falling for him, but I just got the news that will change everything. Now I have to tell my uncle I am pregnant with his best friend’s baby…

A sexy tattooed beast of an older man is the perfect fake fiancé for a sweet waitress who needs help. Harlow: Brooklyn is my unexpected savior – his huge presence is a shield against the customers who constantly hit on me at work. I have to prove myself to get better shifts. Rent doesn’t pay itself, and moving back home is not an option. Brooklyn is an angel for helping me. Even though he looks more like a giant devil – a wall of muscle and savage tattoos, with an intensity that no man would mess with. He makes me feel safe and loved. Things that I’ve never felt before. Is this rush I feel around him just my first taste of real lust, or am I already falling for him? Brooklyn: In my line of work I’ve dealt with criminals, smugglers, the mafia and more. Nothing has ever rattled me. Yet one flick of Harlow’s lashes, one tiny smile, and I want to protect her and keep her forever. She’s a sweet, innocent girl with her entire future ahead of her. I need to keep my hands to myself, and my eye on the target of cleaning up my image to help my business. I can’t focus on anything beyond the feeling of my beautiful goddess in my arms. She deserves better than me, but I’m not letting her go.

She swore he wouldn’t remember her name. He couldn’t forget that night. Macy: I’m a small-town single-mom with big dreams. One passionate night on a country superstar’s tour bus isn’t going to change that. After all, Cole Heartwood is a born charmer, known for his playboy reputation as much as for his smooth, sexy vocals. There’s no way he’s going to remember me next week. Until he does. And tracks me down. With an opportunity I can’t pass up. I want to succeed on my own terms, not because I’m Cole’s latest flavor of the month. But as we spend more time together, I realize I’m falling for him—hard. But how can I trust what we have is real, when everything in the music business is manufactured? Cole: I’m hooked on Macy Porter. From the second I heard her voice to the minute I saw her boots, I knew she was special. And that a single night wouldn’t be nearly enough. The reputation that helped launch my career is now the one thing I can’t shake. But damn if I’m not going to try. Macy wants to make it on her own, and I respect that, but I’m ready for forever. If only she’d quit slipping away before I can prove I’m ready to be the man she deserves. 

He’s not her teacher anymore, but he can still teach her a few things. Fifteen years ago, Celeste was eighteen, in love, and on the honor roll. Then she got pregnant. Now, a widow and a single mom, she does her best to give her daughter, Sabrina, a good life. But something is missing in her world. Or someone. Back when he taught her math, Celeste didn’t have a crush on Mr. Travis, but that doesn’t mean she’s not hot for teacher now or able to ignore her rampant fantasies. All Max wanted to do was buy was a pair of jeans. However, when he bumped into his former student, Celeste, he ended up with so much more. She’s not a kid anymore and it’s impossible for him to stay away from her. Even when he knows he should. But an angry student is out to wreak havoc for them all. One who hates Sabrina, and wants to cause problems for Max and Celeste. Like love, high school can be a battlefield, only neither of them knew just how dangerous it could be until the scandal explodes like a grenade. Celeste and Sabrina’s relationship hangs precariously in the balance, and Max isn’t sure if he should stay and fight for the woman he’s falling for, or get out of dodge before everything he’s worked so hard for goes up in smoke. 

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