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Never let parents arrange your marriage… Especially to the world’s brattiest princess. As a billionaire, I’m used to women chasing me. Yet, here I am trying to dazzle the pants off the world’s most intolerable virgin. In a nightclub where I don’t want to be. I hate her sassy mouth when she’s dancing in that red dress. I hate her heart shaped booty moving provocatively while other men look at her. I hate the way she puts me in my place and doesn’t succumb to my dominating voice. Until she does… And now, I’m ready to claim what’s mine. But her parents have one rule. If we break it, all bets are off. I wonder what her daddy will think when she tells him, “I’m pregnant,” With twins…

Note to self: If you accept a job offer from your brother’s best friend, Don’t sleep with him. And definitely DON’T get pregnant. Eli Whiss is the big bad boss ready to huff, puff, and blow my little panties down. I’m the little sister that comes equipped with a “DO NOT TOUCH” sign from big bro. Our relationship starts with me spilling coffee on his junk and trying to rub it clean. Embarrassing doesn’t even begin to describe my red face. In front of everyone, he treats me like the clumsy little sister. But when the meetings end… his stare claims every inch of my 5’-4” soul. With a smile that could strip me bare in 3.2 seconds and a six-pack that turns me into putty, I’m royally screwed. One minute I’m the model employee, The next I’m sighing with my legs open on his desk. Oh, and the cherry on top of it all? This bachelor boss will soon be a daddy.

Fact: Fake dating can be harmful to your heart. Patrick: Can you imagine a World Series champion not having a date to his high school reunion? Pathetic, huh? Insert weekend trip and fake date with a single mom. I didn’t become a professional athlete by chance. I took command of every aspect of my life. But now I can’t control my feelings about my gorgeous fake girlfriend—especially when she’s standing there wearing nothing but my college t-shirt, telling off my ex, or being mom of the year to the coolest kid I know. I’m a man that needs control and right now—I have none. Avery: Engagement—Off. Dating—On. So now, I’m making good on the date I bought and paid for with a major league baseball player and quasi-friend. All is well until I feel the need to save him from his ex and jump at the chance to be his fake-girlfriend for a weekend getaway. It’s there, sparks turn into a full-blown fire as we blur the lines between fantasy and reality. But when he’s playing baseball with my son, pesky little butterflies flutter inside my soul. I need a reminder that he may love my son, but we are just friends—pretending to be more. Reality sucks—the lingering ghosts that shattered our hearts threaten to keep us apart. Will we hit a home run or strike out—looking?  

I had a one-night stand in Milan two years ago. I didn’t know the grumpy silver fox is my uncle’s best friend… Michael Durand. Gorgeous billionaire and a stubborn jerk. I never thought I’d see him again. But in a cruel twist of fate, I end up living with him while my clueless uncle is away on a business trip. Reminded daily of the mind-blowing night we shared together, the sensual tension ignites, giving way to my wild imagination. In a moment of accidental touch, our bottled-up desires explode, and we indulge in the pleasure between the sheets. Now every time I’m in his presence, multiple O’s follow. I’m falling for him, but I just got the news that will change everything. Now I have to tell my uncle I am pregnant with his best friend’s baby…

Fallon is just like every other Arrival brought to Harrizel—an alien planet restoring the human race after a fatal war left Earth in ruins. But once viewing the all-day work camps and the nightly, orgy-like atmosphere, Fallon suspects her hosts, the Dofinikes, might have a secret agenda of their own. With everything on a strict schedule and talking forbidden, Fallon makes up her mind to escape. Finding it’s harder than she expected, hunger forces her to turn to the Market—an underground system run by two rival Clans. It’s after an unexpected excursion that she crosses paths with Reid, an ex-Clan member who seems to know more than he’s letting on, especially why everyone is so eager to do everything he says. But with his newfound attention, the Clans have taken an interest in Fallon. The Dofinikes want more repopulating and with people going missing, time is running out. Fallon must solve the mystery of her rescue and discover the truth behind Earth’s ultimate demise, all while protecting her heart from the one man who could shatter it forever.

Fake fiancé to a billionaire ex-football player was the plan, Having his baby wasn’t. It all started with a hookup I met at the bar. He was charming with a body of steel. After giving him the best night of his life, he makes an offer I can’t refuse. In order to claim his inheritance, he needs a wife, pronto! With a broke down car and two dollars to my name, a fake marriage for a real future. Game on! What started as a fairytale, soon turned into a nightmare. He’s damaged and can’t handle my sassy ways. Soon our bickering turns into passion. The more we fight, the more I want him. And before I know it, I am screaming his name. Now the lines are blurring, and what started off fake, seems so real. But he hides behind a mask of secrets, which is ok, I have a few of my own. How is he going to react when I drop the unexpected bombshell… that he’s going to be a daddy.

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