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I knew a one night stand with my grumpy boss wasn’t the best idea…but I didn’t think it would lead to a surprise pregnancy with this sexy firefighter. Wynter: I’ve spent months pining for my grumpy boss even though he doesn’t see me as anything but the annoying rookie he’s expected to train. But that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about the hot firefighter. Lieutenant Derek is commanding and dominant inside the station. It makes me wonder what he’d be like in bed. During a friend’s wedding, I determine to find out exactly that. The passion we share rocks my world. But the moment it’s over, he retreats again. It’s clearly just a one night thing…until that little pink line says different. Now, I have to find a way to tell my boss I’m carrying his baby. Derek: There are some lines a man shouldn’t cross. It doesn’t matter that the junior firefighter is a curvy woman who haunts my fantasies and invades my every waking thought. She’s off limits. At least, until our friend’s wedding. Suddenly, I can’t keep my hands to myself. But I’m not willing to risk her career by admitting that I’ve been in love with her for four long months. That’s why I walk away. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Jordan: How I ever got to live a dream come true sort of life, I still don’t know. Music is my jam and being a disc jockey on the hottest station in Pine Grove is the life. I get to kick it with the coolest bands and see all the live shows. And being a little famous in this small town isn’t too bad either. I am riding high when I spot the one thing I am missing: my dream girl. Jenna: Working at Pine Grove Galleria is no dream life, but it is a lot of fun. Nothing wrong with having fun while trying to figure myself out. What is wrong is this local hot shot trying to flirt at the Hot Dog on A Stick. I mean, whatever, dude! As if I would take a charming player like Jordan Kellar seriously.

I can’t keep my hands off my best friend’s daughter. And I never thought I would get her pregnant… I‘m captivated by Scarlett Halls. An annoying mid-twenties law graduate and my late best friend’s daughter. I promised to protect and watch over her, but she is more than I’ve ever imagined. She’s intoxicating, intelligent, beautiful, and a force I can’t resist. Stolen glances and accidental touches fuel the flames of desire within me. Every interaction melts away the hate, replacing it with undeniable longing. But dark secrets swirl, threatening to destroy everything we’ve built. I can’t ignore her quest for the truth behind her father’s death. I fear that danger lurks in the shadows, Making it impossible to resist the fierce protectiveness that surges within me. I’m willing to give my life to ensure her safety, Especially now that I know she is carrying my baby.

Warning – Pick your One Night Stands Wisely… The man who sets your body on fire could be your BFF’s dad! When my best friend asks for a favor, I’m pretty sure she didn’t expect me to hook up with her dad. When I agreed to attend an event in her place, I didn’t expect to meet and have a one-night stand with a gorgeous, tattooed, silver fox older man. I’ve NEVER been into older men, but there is something about him that stirs emotions in me that I’ve never experienced before. I thought walking away from him without sharing my real name was the worst mistake I ever made. Little did I know… the man who rocked my world is my best friend’s dad. The chemistry between us is undeniable and becomes too much to resist. Each stolen glance and secret encounter leaves me wanting my own “forever”. If she ever finds out, both of our relationships with her will be destroyed. I am afraid that I’ll have to choose.

Renowned chef Andrew Burger, with his captivating blue eyes and charismatic charm, has made the family wine estate a culinary paradise. His life is full of accolades and admiration, yet a longing stirs within him for the one thing his success hasn’t brought – the companionship of a partner who understands his culinary passion. In enters Karen Adams, a talented baker and confectioner, who runs the estate’s coffee shop and bakery. She’s tough, meticulous, and fiercely dedicated to her craft. However, she finds herself constantly at odds with Andrew’s, creating an atmosphere charged with tension… and an undercurrent of something more. As a famous food critic’s visit looms, the duo is forced into an unlikely partnership, filled with fierce debates, simmering conflict, and unexpected sparks. Amidst the strain, Karen’s personal life takes a hit as her ex-husband returns to Cape Town, leaving her vulnerable and unsteady.

Take a cheating ex-fiancé, sprinkle in a meddling sales consultant who convinces you to move halfway across the state, then add a heavy dose of a sexy, much older obsessive alpha male, and you get my disaster of a life. Holy hell, my life has gone up in smoke. I caught my sleazy fiancé of one month in bed with his secretary, and to make matters worse, the insurance agent I was on the phone with witnessed the humiliation. In the span of ten minutes, the agent, Mikaela, convinced me to not only leave the bastard but to move to her hometown of Lockton. To say my ex, didn’t appreciate me growing a backbone would be putting it mildly. For a few moments there, I thought a trip to the hospital was in my future but then entered panty-melting Luca Torres to the rescue. Dispatched by Mikaela, and with little fanfare and no room for arguments, he saved me from what could have been a bad situation. With nowhere else to go and no family I could rely on, I placed my trust in two people I hardly knew and let Luca take me to Lockton, where Mikaela said I could start my life over again, only this time I’d be the one in control. Someone should (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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