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All my life I’ve come to expect lemons. Lemon foster parents, lemon schools, lemon relationships, and now the car I spent my life savings on is indeed a lemon. I am stranded on the side of the road when my best friend sends someone to save me. He is big, rough, tattooed, and everything I have ever wanted in a man. Our attraction is instantaneous and I know he’s the only man I could ever give my V-Card to. It looks like my luck is finally changing. The only problem is that our love is forbidden… because Jack Knight is my best friend’s Dad.

She failed at the one task Society allotted to her… But there is more to Sylvia Dillworth than meets the eye. After a disastrous presentation at Court, Lady Sylvia learns that her parents plan to marry her to a man three times her age. Desperate to avoid this fate, she recklessly borrows her brothers clothes and flees to Oxford to…to…to do what? She has been trained for exactly one task: marry a peer and produce more peers. As the youngest son of a noble family, Alan Maitland had three prospects open to him: the Church, the military, or politics. But the moment he stepped onto the manicured quadrangle of his Oxford college, he decided he would never leave. His pay as a Music Master is modest, but as a bachelor, all his needs are met…except for a falsetto in his choir. He’s enchanted by the voice of “Syl Dill,” yet bizarrely attracted to the young man. Their feelings are mutual, but how can Lady Sylvia reveal herself without a scandal?

Coming eye to eye with Gibson Barclay while he was b*lls deep in some ‘lucky’ girl was heart stopping. So what did I do? Run? Nope. I froze! The guy was every inch a rock star, in our bar at least. Pretty girls fought each other to be next in line for their few hours of fun with the scandalously, shameless, manwhore. Naturally, he was hot-as-sin to look at, but even if he had only been a six instead of a ten, his s*xy, flirty vibe, and his dirty talking ways would still have gotten him laid. Not my type of guy at all, I thought. Until years later, when a second chance to meet him made me wonder if there was more to Gibson than the legacy I had once known him for. When I was dragged into Gibson’s crazy world I was scared, but I had no other choice other than to trust him. He promised to protect me, but how could he keep me safe from the past that still haunted me with his life in the spotlight? When Gibson’s trust was put to the test how does he react?

Working for a grumpy boss is challenging and even tougher when you land in bed together. My goal was to rise to the top position at work. But my plans were derailed when that Billionaire bought out the company. I’m forced to endure working for him or spend years rebuilding my career from scratch. We were at odds from the start. His condescending attitude is unbearable. He’s older and strikingly good-looking. I shiver when he looks at me with those incorrigible blue eyes. I’m drawn to him in ways I can’t explain. At his slightest touch, I feel my desire growing for him. Is he feeling that desire too? Getting romantically involved with my boss was a disastrous mistake. This complicated entanglement jeopardizes my job. And now, two pink lines on the test … show we’re having a Baby.

Perfect. Always perfect. Hair, makeup, designer dresses, I’m always perfect. The perfect person that everyone expects me to be. Too bad it’s all just a mask. Behind the facade, I’m broken. After my mask starts to crumble, too, I head back to Seaside for a friend’s wedding. When I run into a tattooed bad boy, he promises to put my pieces back together. But what if he breaks me completely?

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