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Meeting him during a student exchange program changed our lives then, but can we finally make things right years later? Zayn: All my geeky teenage self cared about was video games. My social butterfly twin sister convinced me to participate in a summer exchange program between France and Oregon. That’s where I unexpectedly met Dante Reyes, the cool Dominican guitar hero wannabe who surprisingly welcomed me into his world. An instant friendship developed… until I ruined everything. My sister’s dragging me back to Oregon six years later. I’m not the quirky kid anymore. I’ve worked hard for the opportunity to interview for my dream job in California. Now that I’m facing Dante again, I’m torn between anger and desire for the man who ghosted me. As if the proximity makes a difference. As if we could repair our broken friendship. As if the manwhore could ever be interested in more… Dante: My instant connection with nerdy Zayn Mansouri didn’t make any sense. Neither did how I abruptly ended it without a second glance. The French-Moroccan went back home, and I moved on… or so I thought. Facing him again overrides everything. And just like that, our connection is cemented and our long-lost friendship (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

You get THREE full-length novels featuring sweet cowboys, feel-good romance, and inspirational stories with a twist of suspense in this Heart Lake romance collection! Winds of Change: Getting hired as a high school principal in her hometown is a dream come true in this sweet, enemies-to-lovers romance, except for one small detail — her ex is the new head of security… Song of Nightingales: A billionaire heartbreaker turning over a new leaf and the small town family doctor he falls for — the one woman he can’t have in this opposites attract romance… Perils of Starlight: A policeman who exclusively works the night shift to hide his scarred face, a lovely detective determined to solve a cold case, and the trail of clues that leads to an accidental attraction…

From the second her delicate body thumped into my chest, I knew Lily was mine. It’s the deepest feeling I’ve ever had. Every detail of my gorgeous, sweet girl is precious. Perfect. Yet she’s sensitive about certain things, and doesn’t trust that we’re already together. She just moved south with her two sisters to escape the cold. I don’t know if she’s ready for the kind of heat that instantly overtakes us. I’ll find a way to prove I’m worth getting through her fears. That just because I’m much older doesn’t mean I want to control my lovely young girl. That my possession will be the best thing for both of us.

Billionaire James Bardot wasn’t expecting his future to walk into his office, but the moment he met Samantha Heath, he knew she was meant to be his. It didn’t matter that she was his friend’s younger sister. Or that her brother was her boss and James was one of their biggest clients. James was known for going after what he wanted. Which made it all the more frustrating when he had to stage a not-so real breakup to keep Samantha safe.

High school is hard enough without getting caught between two Gods. After her reputation is annihilated, Effie (Persephone) Quinn transfers to Lockwood, an elite boarding school, to finish out her senior year, immediately catching the eye of Hayden (Hades), a misunderstood loner with a dark past, and his charismatic and dangerous brother, Cy (Poseidon). Cy is determined to win Effie, no matter the cost, and becomes bent on revenge when she rejects him. Meanwhile, Effie finds herself drawn to Hayden, her twisted desire causing an unexplainable sense of security when she’s in his presence. Effie is torn between two worlds, navigating the treacherous waters of desire, loyalty, and betrayal, until she’s kidnapped from Lockwood… only to discover that her captor is Hayden.

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