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Best friends on vacation in Bali. A secret crush. One bed. Could one week change our lives forever? I’m adrift in a sea of uncertainty, trying to figure out the woman in the mirror. All I ever wanted was a family, but my ex-husband blames me for its absence. After the divorce, I am embarking on an adventure to Bali, seeking who I’m meant to be. But I’m not alone. My best friend, Cole Foster, insists on joining me. He’s so sweet I hardly notice how hot and athletic he is. Really. We even booked separate rooms. Well, until a resort catastrophe forces us to share a bungalow. And a bed. Bali is supposed to clear my chaotic mind, but now my BFF is staring at me like I’m the answer to his wildest dreams. Can we leave our pasts behind and risk our friendship for a shot at love?

Play it safe? Or risk it all? Samantha Day is definitely not a risk-taker. At least, not until the night she kisses her unattainable crush, and that kiss does something strange to her. Now she feels hungry all the time, but it’s not for food. Her cravings are much darker than that, and far more frightening. Only Bishop, a mysterious guy with unearthly blue eyes, seems to understand what’s happening to her. He’s the one chance Samantha has to stop the danger that’s closing in around her. But it might mean losing everything she’s ever wanted and embracing the darkness inside of her.

I took a chance years ago and hooked up with my billionaire boss. He’s as arrogant, alluring, and arousing as he was ten years ago. He’s also my boss – again. He was my first love. Now my new love. My only love. But, oh, the sultry nights we shared. The lust that lingers even now. The heat between us has not faded over the years. Now he’s a billionaire silver fox who I still hunger for. As much as I want him, I’m still not sure my heart has recovered from the first time he broke it. But now he’s given me a precious secret that may change how he feels. I don’t know if the intensity of our love can survive a baby. Going down this road again, heat from our fire might burn too hot. Our mutual attraction can’t be denied, but crossing the line with the boss could cost me everything I’ve worked for.

Keisha Harper is a journalist for the Miami Sentinel. She was burnt out. She had been investigating a string of arson cases with the fire department for a year. When the arsonist was finally caught, she needed to take a break so she decided to take a two month sabbatical to Montego Bay, Jamaica. She never imagined she would meet someone there and fall in love. Llanzo Wright is the owner of an excursion company in Montego Bay. His wife died two years ago in a car accident. He hadn’t dated since. He had shut himself off from the outside world except for work. He didn’t hang out with friends and he wasn’t in the market of meeting anyone knew. He never thought he’d be ready to fall in love again, until a blond haired blue eyed tourist showed up to go snorkeling with the reef sharks.

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