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Secretly loving my brother’s best friend is a dangerous game. Nathan has been my crush since I was eleven, but I kept it to myself. My brother never knew that we were best friends. I return to Texas, still carrying the weight of an unrequited love. A grumpy, broken single dad haunted by loss, seeks my help. I struggle to suppress the feelings that consume me whenever he is near. Nathan’s presence stirs a whirlwind of emotions, drawing me closer with each stolen touch and lingering gaze. Stolen glances and hidden sparks set our hearts ablaze, but the fear of betraying my brother’s trust hangs heavy over us. As hidden affection grows, our defenses crumble, leaving us exposed. Love and loyalty entwine, urging us to dismantle barriers and reveal our true selves. Will we dare to defy expectations, embracing risks for happiness? Or will the intricate web of secrecy and devotion keep us forever apart? 

From the second I meet Rose, my obsessive nature shifts into overdrive. I want to write a song about the three tiny freckles forming a constellation over her eyebrow. The way the curve of her deep pink lips alters the rhythm of my heart. How her bright blue eyes have started a storm brewing inside me. Rose just moved south with her two sisters to escape the cold. My desire for her is already hotter than the sun. My other obsessions are instantly kicked aside. Her slight fussiness will compliment my obsession, once she gets to know me better. Once she realizes we already belong together. I just might have to walk away to prove that she needs me too.

Catching feelings for my boss is a giant no-no. My dad’s best friend needed a nanny and that’s all it was supposed to be. But he’s a sexy widowed billionaire next door. And I think he wants me for a lot more… His world includes private school for his boy, a chauffeur, and a chef. My vintage floral dress and Vans clash with his everything. The last thing I need is to trip over my own heart while trying to launch my life. But Patrick’s sapphire blue eyes, dreamy voice, and hard… umm body melt me. I have to behave myself and remember his heart is off-limits. Which seems easy, until I wake up in his ginormous cloud-like bed. If Daddy catches me under the sheets with his best friend, he’ll flip. I’m freaking out inside but wearing my best poker face. And crossing my fingers that my heart doesn’t betray me…or worse, break.

June aka Quick Claw: I want revenge. It’s been fifteen years since a home invasion changed everything. But I’m Quick Claw now, and everything I’ve trained for has led to tonight—to making the two men who broke into my apartment suffer. That is, until my moment is stolen by Black Coyote, the city’s infamous vigilante. An error on his part, he makes me a deal—what if we help each other? Nikolai needs a female to help with undercover roles, and I need to track down my intruders again. Win-win. And while I’m still upset my original plan fails, I don’t expect the security and comfort I feel around Nikolai…or how attractive he is. I’ve spent my life working towards justice, but suddenly, revenge isn’t the only thing on my mind… Nikolai aka Black Coyote: I need to stop an arms-dealer from polluting my city. Fighting crime as Black Coyote, I lead a small team to assist in protecting the citizens of Perish. But I don’t always get it right. Because when I end up saving a woman who isn’t in danger, I discover it’s Quick Claw, the female vigilante from the news. Feeling guilty, I offer an exchange of services: my assistance for hers. At first it works, but I don’t (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

My best friend’s only rule is to stay away from his daughter. Well, it’s too late. As soon as she walked into the bar, I knew she was trouble with a capital “T’. As I look across the bar, I see a sizzling-hot girl half my age giving me all sorts of bedroom eyes. Disaster waiting to happen. All I have to do is be a gentleman and stay away from her, but the way she looks at me makes it impossible. I’m a self-made millionaire, an ex-ball player, and always in control of any situation… So why do I feel so out of control when she looks at me? She’s totally off-limits, hot as hell and I need to claim her as mine. When she’s ready to tell me all the reasons we can’t be together, she ends up showing me those 2 pink lines. Now, I have to tell my best friend he’s going to be a grandpa to triplets, and that I’m the daddy.

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