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From the second I meet Rose, my obsessive nature shifts into overdrive. I want to write a song about the three tiny freckles forming a constellation over her eyebrow. The way the curve of her deep pink lips alters the rhythm of my heart. How her bright blue eyes have started a storm brewing inside me. Rose just moved south with her two sisters to escape the cold. My desire for her is already hotter than the sun. My other obsessions are instantly kicked aside. Her slight fussiness will compliment my obsession, once she gets to know me better. Once she realizes we already belong together. I just might have to walk away to prove that she needs me too.

Melody: Going on a blind date as a favor to my best friend is not my idea of the perfect night, but I’d do anything for Annie, so here I am. Despite my reluctance, I was actually starting to look forward to it … until my date stood me up. Eager to escape my embarrassment, I slip out of the restaurant and jump into the ride I ordered. Or what I thought was my ride. Instead, I find myself face-to-face with my blind date! He convinces me to give him a second chance and whisks me away for a night of passion and adventure. But my magical night with the man of my dreams turns into a nightmare when I learn that my date isn’t who he says he is, and I might actually be in grave danger. Daniel: When I pull up to the restaurant’s valet stand, the last thing I expect is for a beautiful woman to jump into my backseat. She thinks I’m her blind date, and I can’t bring myself to tell her the truth. Instead, I steal her away for a night she’ll never forget. Can I make this angel fall in love with me in a single night? I’m sure going to give it a try. Maybe then, she won’t hate me when she learns the truth. 

Sugar, spice and secrets are the perfect recipe for trouble. Cindy Patterson is scared and hiding in plain sight. Looking over her shoulder has become a daily game of cat and mouse—if she just lets go and grips onto the sexy-as-sin man trying to win her heart—she might just find the happiness she deserves. With her best friend, Dana, by her side, picking her up when she’s down and kicking her in the pants when needed she may just survive the trouble coming her way. Their friendship will give them the anchor they need to keep Cindy from bolting when the past shows up. It’ll be the hardest fight she’s ever had to win—there is no other option.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.. When Wendi Warrington’s brother, Ray, insisted she accompany him and his best friend on their upcoming cruise, she should’ve known there’d be a catch. After all, three’s a crowd, right? Wendi will do a lot of things for Ray, but staying in the same room with Max is where she draws the line. No way, it ain’t happening. If she can’t have her own cabin, she won’t go. Max Houston owes his best friend a favor, so when Ray asks him to tag along on a cruise he has planned, he’s quick to say yes. Who in their right mind would say no to a free vacation? Until he learns Ray’s little sister is also coming along. The two of them haven’t exactly gotten along over the years. Can they at least pretend to like each other on this seven-day adventure, or is there something churning behind the cabin doors that neither of them are ready to own up to? 

A surprising invitation leads Elizabeth to discover the most unexpected villany…and the deepest love. When Mr. Darcy invited Elizabeth Bennet to visit Pemberley, his stated purpose was that her friendliness and vivacity might help his sister Georgiana recover from her lingering sorrow and shame from the events at Ramsgate…but his hidden intention was to set his secret attachment to the test. Seeing Elizabeth at his beloved Pemberley would surely either end a mere infatuation, or prove that their connection would be one to treasure for all time. Elizabeth Bennet agreed to be a guest at Pemberley on the condition that Jane might come with her to see Mr. Bingley once again. She expected a pleasant time of good society and being of use to Georgiana. But Elizabeth could never have anticipated the hold the Darcys and their beautiful corner of Derbyshire would soon have over her heart. Still less could she have guessed at the dark secret weighing down Georgiana’s spirits…or the daring confrontation she would face to free her. With Georgiana’s happiness and her own heart on the line, can Elizabeth balance discretion with daring to set all to rights…and find love, too? 

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