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Help! I’m stuck for the night with the grumpy cowboy that has a dirty mouth and a touch that ignites my body… Jenna: It was supposed to be a simple delivery for my father. I’d hoped to avoid Walker Hale. He’s a grumpy cowboy, probably the grumpiest one in Courage County. He’s annoying and bossy and so hot. When a storm leaves us stranded together, I’m stuck with the cowboy who fuels my dirtiest fantasies. Turns out, he’s even better with his hands than I imagined. But then the storm ends, and morning comes. It’s for the best. Hot grumpy cowboys don’t want hot messes like me…right? Walker: I’ve tried to do the right thing and ignore the beautiful college student that keeps showing up at my ranch with deliveries. She’s young and innocent with curves for days. I’m just a washed-up rodeo cowboy with a dirty mind. But when we’re stranded together in my house for the night, I can no longer fight my feelings. It’s time to lasso her heart and claim my curvy woman. Because this cowboy wants forever.  

Life is meant to be enjoyed. There’s nothing wrong with a fling or a crush or letting go once in a while. And these four curvy friends are learning that lesson again and again. And they’re finding out life’s better with friends, cupcakes, and men who love their curves. Plump & Pretty… What’s a girl to do when her high school crush sparks a very adult fling? Husky & Hot… How do you say no to a fling with a sexy stranger? Fluffy & Fabulous… Why don’t distractions ever come when life is slow and steady? Puffy & Precious… Life’s sweeter when you have someone to share it with.

These polar opposites are either racing toward happily ever after, or an epic crash… Landon Wilde has plenty of bad choices and regrets in his rearview—not the least of which is his former career as an adult-movie star. But now, he’s behind the wheel of a race car where he belongs, and he’ll do everything he can to stay there. Getting involved with a sweet-but-sexy good girl probably isn’t in his (or her) best interest. So why can’t he stay away? Georgiana Rutledge is neck-deep in a crisis of faith. Her famous televangelist mother does not practice what she preaches, and Georgie’s tired of the hypocrisy. She needs some time away from it all to regroup. Being with a known bad boy probably isn’t going to give her the clarity she needs in her life, and yet, she can’t seem to walk away. Two lonely souls, each broken in their own unique ways, might be able to mend their emotional wounds together. The only real question is if the cost of Landon and Georgie’s happily ever after is one they’re both willing to pay…

Never agree to be your smoking hot enemy’s fake fiancé. Especially when he’s your best friend’s brother. I’m supposed to hate my grumpy, rich, incredibly handsome bosshole, not sleep with him. He offers me a deal that I can’t refuse. In exchange, he needs me to be his fake fiancé. It seems like an easy task until it leads to a sizzling hot, toe-curling night. Now I’m addicted. To make matters worse, my best friend is on a mission to find out who my mystery man is. What happens when she finds out that her brother is the father of my twins?

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