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Amelia: I’m having the worst day ever. My fiancé, a guy I didn’t even like to begin with, has left me at the altar. The only reason I was marrying him was to secure a trust fund from my late grandfather, and now he’s completely ruined my plans. Of course, I probably could have reacted better; assault and destruction of property are ill-advised, even on the worst of days. Now I’m being dragged away from my own wedding in the arms of the biggest, nicest-smelling cop I’ve ever met. I’m totally screwed. How am I going to buy my mom’s flower shop back now? Hunter: I’ve been on the force long enough to think I’ve seen it all, but some things still manage to surprise me. When I got the call about an altercation happening at the church down the street, I was expecting a real bride-zilla. Instead, I end up with Amelia, and she takes my breath away. I can’t help relishing how she feels against me as I drag her off her fiancé. I don’t know what’s going on, but I know she’s too good for a man like him. How did she end up with a jackass like him?

Can a Knight heal a hardened heart? Samantha Summers is ready to build her future. After finishing her Architecture degree, she’s ready to put it to use. She and her best friend, Maddie Cooper, have procured a building that is ready for Sam’s magical architect’s touch. Maddie’s dream is to own a bookstore, and Sam is ready to be the one to make it happen. When the hunt for a General Contractor turns up little to no results, Sam and Maddie are forced to make a choice that Sam soon comes to regret. Oliver Knight is a notorious charmer and all around golden boy. As the town’s favorite contractor, he’s recommended to Sam and Maddie over and over, but Sam is certain it’ll spell doom for their project after one strong first impression. After several failed relationships and horrible heart breaks, she’s learned that no man can be trusted, and has hardened her heart and built a tower to save herself from the perils of heartbreak. Besides, when you’re making your best friend’s dreams come true, who really has time for love? Sam’s attitude, which has a habit of being just as fiery as her hair, poses quite the challenge to her project partner. Can Oliver Knight become a knight in shining armor and save Sam from her self-built tower? 

Meet Abbie, cubicle dweller by day, blogger by night. Acting as her online diary, the blog features a no-holds-barred, true life, gritty account of her sometimes funny, sometimes painful, often dirty love life. Oh, and she doesn’t always change the names to protect the innocent. After a date with coworker, Toby, she has a new reason to hate Mondays. When the post goes viral, Toby seeks revenge and enlists the help of his buddy Parker to do it. Both guys soon realize when she isn’t bad-mouthing men, she’s pretty likable, maybe even lovable, which really puts a crimp in Toby’s revenge plot. As if her life life and work life colliding aren’t challenging enough, Abbie has a crazy roommate with a vacuuming obsession, a serious problem with alcohol resulting in BUI: blogging under the influence, and a broken heart. All may be fair in love and war, but what happens next will rock the internet and her world.

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