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Who says love has limits? Imagine a love that knows no bounds. A world with you at the center of attention coveted by not just one. But by two, three, four, or more sexy lovers who share everything—a past, secrets, power. Billionaires and best friends. Bosses and heroes. And they want you. These scorching contemporary romance stories, contain multiple pairings of two lovers or more, will have you shifting in your seat as your temperature rises and secret fantasies get fed. Fall in lust, over and over, exploring forbidden love, erotic acts, and extremely sexy trysts! One-click this sizzling why choose romance anthology today and let your imagination run free! Including Stories from: Stephanie Morris, Adora Crooks, Allyson Lindt, Sahara Roberts, L.M. Mountford, Charmaine Louise Shelton, Emma Nichole, Mercy Ryan, Tara Lee, Kris Butler, Reba Bale, Ashley Kay, Layla Rogue, Vic Leigh, Rebecca Rathe, Gillian Zane, and Tatumn Dixon.

Infiltrating his world was my plan, Falling for the enigmatic Mob boss wasn’t. He claims he’s trying to take the family business legit, But the world I grew up in tells me that’s not possible. I’m searching for a childhood friend who’s disappeared without a trace, And Matteo is going to help me find him whether he wants to or not. Chasing secrets can be deadly, Especially when they lead me into the very world I swore I’d never be a part of. The closer I get, the more entangled we become, Our encounters are reckless, fiery, and filled with a passion I never expected. Yet, in this world of power and deceit, I’m carrying the most explosive secret of all: our unborn child. The stakes are high, and trust is scarce. I know Matteo is a dangerous man, but what happens when the danger finds me? Can the Mob Boss who’s stolen my heart also save it?

Lord Caleb Thompson, Viscount of Hereford, has sworn off love forever. But a close encounter with mortality alters his perspective. Intent on securing a legacy, he embarks on a search for a wife. Little did he know the mesmerizing Miss Violet Atwell would disrupt his world completely. Raised on dreams of a whimsical courtship and a love-filled marriage, Violet finds her romantic hopes shattered when she is hastily married to Lord Hereford to fulfill her ailing father’s wish. Despite the undeniable chemistry between them, Caleb remains remote, his heart locked away. However, Violet is not one to be easily deterred. With each clandestine kiss, she battles to melt the barriers of Caleb’s heart. As their passion sparks, she becomes increasingly committed to claiming his love, ready to defy anything to make him see the fiery passion and love that can exist in their lives. Can Caleb shatter his self-imposed chains and succumb to the profound, engulfing love within his reach?

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