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In the scorching heat of Seaside, Oregon, summer, passion, and music collide. Meet Ariel, the fearless and talented leader of a rock band in trouble. On the brink of dissolution, she devises a plan, secretly recruit a new member. She invites Adam, a brooding and enigmatic guitar player with a troubled past and an aversion to the spotlight to the upcoming Seaside Music Festival. He believes he’s there to help her write one song. The plan is simple. Summer days filled with music. Rehearsals, collaboration, and performances. Summer nights filled with boardwalk games, laughter, and chipping away at Adam’s resistance. She didn’t count on the Summer Nights. Adam’s guarded demeanor and raw talent captivate Ariel, sparking a connection neither can ignore. Ariel finds herself caught in a whirlwind of emotions, torn between her ambitions and the unexpected feelings growing for Adam. With the start of the festival approaching and her secret about to be exposed Ariel must navigate the treacherous waters of fame, trust, and attraction. Will Ariel’s determination and Adam’s guarded heart find harmony amidst the summer heat? 

Arturo – As a mortal, I was a hit man. I’m not proud of it. Since becoming a vampire, I’ve done my best to turn my life around, but violence is in my nature. When demons take over the world, I jump into the rebellion against them. Then I cross paths with a sexy young vampire with more attitude than an alpha werewolf. Like me, she’s no stranger to betrayal, but that won’t stop me from winning her heart. Sofia – Demons destroyed my world. Now I dedicate my life to the rebellion against them. I’m temporarily partnered with a gorgeous vampire from Boston who exasperates me, mostly because he’s impossible to resist. I’ve been betrayed before, but is it time to take a risk for love?

Vampires don’t get a happily ever after. Eric Collins learned that the hard way, which is why he swears off the idea and throws himself into his job as a Chicago PD detective. His plan for a peaceful, solitary existence, however, is disrupted the night he saves Chase Turner—a fellow cop and a human—from being brutally murdered. Falling in love with his partner was never part of Chase Turner’s career goals. He already has two strikes against him at Chicago PD—the last thing he needs is another. But no matter how much Chase denies it to himself or his therapist, it soon becomes clear that his mysterious new partner, Eric, is going to be Strike Number Three. With vindictive vampires and meddling exes around every corner, can Eric and Chase put their painful pasts behind them, or will their fledgling relationship fail before they even truly begin?

Some say every cloud has a silver lining. Those people haven’t had to beg their cocky, playboy, best friend’s brother for a job. Liam Hills has been on my most hated list since high school. His arrogant attitude and stupid chiseled jaw make me want to throw punches. I’ll never forgive him for what he did to me back then. Tough luck though. I lost everything and now my only option is taking a position as his assistant. …I wind up taking a few other positions for him as well. Now we’re hooked on each other. Every wall we’d built against love has imploded. Until his ex shows up revealing a horrifying secret. I block him. No questions asked. Weeks later I receive a mysterious message that changes it all. I still can’t see a silver lining… But losing everything might turn out to be the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.

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