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Could anything be worse than your parents choosing your wife, especially when she’s a snooty royal? Ask me. I should know. Every Wed Season, eligible singles step up to the plate. It’s my turn. I’d rather go down with the ship but I have traditions to uphold. I’ll do what’s expected of me. Until the girl from my past shows up. Did I mention she’s a princess? She’s not my match. In fact, she’s off limits. But I’ll make her mine. Tradition and high society be damned.

Gutsy, curvy, witty, and independent, Cadence Miller had built her life on her ability to make the best of a bad situation. So, when her latest lemon of a boss dumped her in the middle of nowhere after she refused his advances, and she found herself stranded with the reserved and handsome Xander Cross, Cadence decided to make lemonade. Maybe if she played her cards right, she’d be making more than that too. Xander Cross fled LA after a failed music career, determined to build a life on his terms, without anyone else. He still enjoyed his weekend dalliances, but he’d vowed never to let a woman in again, until he didn’t have a choice. When he found her, Cadence was a crumpled heap on the side of the road, but when she fixed her eyes on him for the first time, his resolve melted. Cadence wasn’t the kind of girl who was built for fun, she was built for keeps. Scared to hold on, but too stubborn to let go. 

Her father’s debt. Sold to the highest bidder. One week changes her life forever. Emiliano Coppola was scum. Short, pudgy, sweaty scum. Most men who sat in this office were, but he was the lowest of the low. Instead of sacrificing himself, he had the nerve to offer his daughter as payment for his debt. A man who would offer his daughter in a skin auction wasn’t a man, he was filth. If it were up to me, we’d decline. But it wasn’t. The auction rules were simple: any of-age, willing party could take part. I might be one of the owners of The Market, but it didn’t mean I participated in the activities that took place there. That changes once I see Emiliana on my security monitor.

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