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Troy was a man trapped in a wolf’s body for three decades, until a nap changed his life forever. Now that he’s a wolf trapped in a man’s body, he’s not going back. Food? Good. Partying? Better. Women? Best. With one brother missing, one brother overwhelmed by parenting twin engels, and only distracted Mac to keep him straight, Troy is fulfilling his every desire, never sleeping, rarely working, refusing to reel it in. Until he sees her. Reed has many rules, but the biggest one might be, never date a cop. There’s also never kiss on the first date. Never tell anyone your business. Never go in the forest. Never- But then that cop walked into her bar. The one with the wild eyes and the chiseled jaw. The one who devoured her every time he stared at her. Don’t go in the forest, Reed. Never go in the forest. That’s where the wolves live. 

Paris, my refuge from heartbreak. Little did I know, fate had a different recipe in mind. A culinary visionary, Damien enchanted my senses with every dish he crafted. His gastronomic art whispered seduction, enticing me to release my inhibitions. In his presence, my defences crumbled, and an insatiable craving took hold. Damien nibbled at my reservations, his every touch is like savouring a delectable dessert, consuming me slowly. As our passions intertwined, the weight of past love loomed, casting shadows on our shared dreams. ​​​​​​​Will lingering doubts unravel our desires, leaving only bittersweet memories?

Enter a realm where love is tested, fangs are bared, and destiny weaves its wicked web. Marcus is haunted by the loss of his beloved in a brutal demonic war. Resigned to a life of servitude and awaiting the curse that will claim his soul, he is shattered and closed off from the possibility of finding love again. But when divine intervention grants him a second chance, the vampire finds himself torn between his immortal existence and an unexpected human connection. His heart yearns for her, but he can’t reveal his true nature without shattering their fragile bond. Cassandra, betrayed and left at the altar, has vowed to forsake love. Her wounded heart seeks solace and a fresh start, until a seductive stranger invades her dreams, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. Little does she know that her encounter with this dark man will thrust her into a hidden world, where immortal beings and ancient prophecies collide. As Marcus and Cassie’s paths intertwine, a malevolent force looms, threatening to claim Marcus’s very soul. Caught in a perilous struggle, Cassie discovers the depths of her own courage and the extraordinary power of love. To protect Marcus, she must make a fateful choice—to forsake her mortality (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

My scary hot billionaire regular has stormed into my life, leaving me torn between fear and a fiery heat. Miles, the rude tech start-up CEO, shouldn’t make my heart race but damn, he lights me up like a bonfire. Then I learn about my ex’s wedding to my cousin. Talk about a humiliation cocktail. I need a dazzling wedding date to save face. Miles suggests a fake wedding date contract, complete with a tempting clause for my coffee shop. But here’s the catch: my overprotective brother, Josh, happens to be best buddies with this irresistible billionaire. He insists Miles is off-limits The tension between them threatens to unravel our carefully constructed charade. Just when I was getting comfy in my messy life, the boundaries between fake and real start crumbling, stirring real, raw emotions between us. I can’t help but wonder if this scripted love story could turn into something real. But with my luck…

I didn’t think my sister’s best friend would ever fall in love with me. Especially since we share a rocky history built on tension and unresolved emotions. But when I show up without warning, the sinfully bad boy fireman I am. It’s been five years… I am back in town, and quickly realize I’m no less attracted to the woman who had broken my heart. Maybe even more, Because I cannot take my eyes off her. Problem is, She’s off-limits. A bad decision waiting to happen. But one night wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it… After all, I do know how to put out fires.

In the conflicting world of a billionaire’s secretary, ambition meets with the passion of love. With one goal in my mind, make a name, earn my keep and fulfill my dreams. He is my opposite, in more ways than just his status. I knew what I had to do, I had everything planned out. But everything faded away when my eyes connected with his piercing eyes, making me feel so alive. Now I am torn between duty and the irresistible pull of love. Sebastian Preston has it all. He is the whole package, and his confidence shows that he knows it. In the blurring lines, I seduced Sebastian Preston, my enigmatic CEO. We are two people brought together by an unexpected twist of fate when I find out I am pregnant.

Quinn Draper has always made me nervous. He’s the walking, talking opposite of my comfort zone, and he senses my insecurities so effortlessly that every vulnerable inch of my body senses danger when he’s around. Which is ridiculous. He might be my older brother’s best friend, but he doesn’t even know me. Never says more than two words to me. It’s almost like he knows it drives me crazy. And I hate him for it. Always have. Always will.

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