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Love conquers all, huh? If only it were that simple… Adam Barnes was my first love. My first everything. I thought he was my happily ever after. I was wrong. Circumstances forced me back to our small hometown. His corporate dreams kept him thousands of miles away. That was over ten years ago. Now, he’s back for the summer. The chemistry we always had is still there, hot as ever. He swears we can make it work this time. That fate gave us a second chance and we shouldn’t waste it. I wish I could believe him. But I don’t. Because losing him once was almost more than I could bear. I’m just not sure I could survive it again…

He’s everything I don’t want – my brother’s grouchy best friend, a chain store billionaire, and a confirmed bachelor. And he lives right next door to my Nana in the town I couldn’t wait to leave and never return to. Hard pass. Life was fine in New York City. I had a plan and I was working it, thank you very much. Then life threw a wrench in my plan – several wrenches actually – and now I’m back in my old town playing nurse, surviving tornado warnings, and launching myself into a fake relationship with the hot billionaire. Our fake relationship has rules though: no falling in love, and no benefits. That worked up until he caught me skinny dipping… and he couldn’t keep his hands off me. To say the passionate encounter wasn’t amazing would be a big, fat, freakin lie. There’s way more to Mr. Billionaire than I’d thought, and I want him for real. My head knows this faux romance has an expiration date, and that’s a problem, because my heart says this is for keeps.

After witnessing heartbreak up close and personal, I never wanted a woman for more than just one night. Yet somehow, in that single night, Brynn has me wanting another. A month. That’s the longest she’s willing to date someone and if she’ll give me the chance, I’ll take a month. She’s determined not to become her mother. I’m determined not to care about someone enough that losing them will hurt me. But somehow the closer I get to our month being over, the more I want to figure out a way for her to stay. Despite each of our pasts, I know that she’s the only woman I could consider a future with. The thing is… she’s not considering one with me. I’ll have to show her that I’m not looking to take over her life before it’s too late. Brynn so easily turns me into the man I never wanted to become.

“Catch me if you can,” that’s what Grace de Bruin says to her bodyguards as she runs away from them. Grace may be a princess, however, she’s definitely not demure or regal. She has a penchant for escaping her guards, but she’s not ready for Taylor ‘Hawkeye’ Edwards. He doesn’t intend to let her out of his sight. When Grace is sent away to avoid being embroiled in a war, she ends up being put into the PINC programme. Princesses In Need Corporation. They help princesses by extracting them, transitioning them, and transforming them so that they won’t be recognised and can live in the outside world whilst their country is in turmoil. Taylor has been a marine for years and after an injury is asked to look after Princess Grace, as no one else can handle her. Taylor tells them that he will be her last bodyguard. He will tame her. Neither of them expected to end up in bed together. And when she’s taken from Taylor it’s a race against time to find her and bring her home. Can he find her in time? What happens when it’s time for Grace to go home? Can Taylor live in her World? Did he manage to tame his princess? 

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