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On a work trip to New York I end up stuck in a pretend marriage to my grumpy billionaire boss. James Greenburg is a party boy. So different from the quiet life I know and love. Always another club or party and he’s never alone. We make an emergency stop in the middle of nowhere. In a small town, with one room and one bed. I see a new side of him, different from who he is at the office. Then his lie turns my life upside down. Immediately thrust into his world, frustration leads to desire and now something more. I’m not sure he’s capable of a relationship…but every day I stay, I lose the ability to fight my feelings. One electric kiss changed everything. I don’t think we’re pretending anymore.

Spencer Aubrey finds more than inspiration. While attempting to write his second novel at the Martha Washington Inn in Abingdon, Virginia, Spencer desperately seeks a way to put his life back together after being separated from the love of his life and losing his career job as a successful newspaper columnist. At the inn, Spencer meets Katherine Broadwater, a young girl he believes to be from a local theater because of her old-fashioned dress and southern dialect. He becomes captivated by the story she weaves about herself and a boy named Sam that took place during the Civil War when the inn was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers. While seeking to learn the outcome of the passionate love story she shares, doubt and confrontation challenge Spencer as he tries to convince everyone that the elusive Katherine does exist. Or has his troubled past burdened his sanity to separate truth from fantasy?

Nanny Rule Number One: Don’t get involved with the boss, regardless of his stunning good looks and wealth!! Jackson Thornfield didn’t think anyone was good enough to be Nanny to his daughter, Lily. I plan to keep my distance and stay professional. That is easier said than done. With his gorgeous blue eyes and smoking-hot body, he makes me tingle all over. I attempt to resist him, but we find ourselves crossing all the lines until I surrender to him. Then his daughter needs a mother and he wants us to pretend to be married. Can I pretend and keep my heart safe, and what about Lily?

“What do you do after being dumped on your birthday? Have a one-night stand of course.” 15 years older, mysterious predatory eyes that make you feel vulnerable, deep voice and defined muscles. I feel like a goddess. He worshipped every part of my body. 4 months later my dream turns into a nightmare when Mr. Handsome introduces himself as my boss. We dance around each other for weeks. How can I keep out of his way when he is the intoxicating mixture of power and charisma. I’m losing my mind. My body just wants to be in his vicinity. What could possibly go wrong when the man you can’t be with is not only your boss but also your brother’s best friend and neighbor?

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t in love with Timothy, and I am DESPERATE for a future with him. He has already claimed me forever, but my father has promised me to another. The air was sweet and warm, just like my feelings for him. From my window, I could see Timothy’s bike slowly rolling past our farmhouse. I ran down the stairs and out into the fresh morning air. My sister, Penelope, warned me as I darted off, “You better be careful, Father is working close by today, and you know how he feels about Tim!” Timothy was off limits, but he is what my heart yearned for. A smile graced my rosy lips as I ran toward our willow tree. I saw him standing there in his ragged work clothes, his big black hat on his head, and a single red rose in his hand. My heart hammered against my chest. I squealed at the sight of him. He stood there silently and just looked at me with his head tilted slightly to one side. We were very aware of how we felt for each other, and our hearts bore witness to that, but NEVER had Timothy had the nerve to do what he was about to do! Sparks fly, hearts break, and love is tested, but in the end, all that really matters is love. 

Lost memories. A small town full of secrets. And a damaged stranger who ignites the fire within me. I awaken with no recollection of who I am. The note on the bedside table leads me to Luca, a sexy brooding stranger who knows more than he is ready to admit. Our lives become entangled as we uncover hidden secrets and face our past while fighting a profound and evolving attraction. But there’s more to Luca than meets the eye— he is part of a powerful mafia family. As the truth unravels, our forbidden love becomes a battleground, pitting loyalty against survival. With danger lurking, I must trust my instincts and his protection to find the answers I desperately seek. In this dangerous game of shadows and intrigue, only one thing is sure: The truth will either unite our path or tear us apart forever.

I was on the run from my ex, desperate for a fresh start, when I stumbled upon a restaurant and began working for a grumpy new boss. He intimidated me with his bluntness and dominant demeanor. But when we got trapped together, something ignited between us. He had been hurt in the past, and I could tell he was hesitant to open up again. But when I finally told him about my last relationship, his protective side came out in full force. Just as we started to fall for each other, my ex found me again. I was too scared to say no when he forced me to go out with him, but thankfully, I managed to escape. After taking me to the hospital, we found something far more unexpected than bruises. When I told my boss-turned-lover what really happened, he vowed that nobody would hurt me again. I don’t know what will happen when he finds out my ex… is his brother.

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