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Gage: I should know better than to think I can protect her. I’m a dark, dangerous disaster who leaves only destruction. But when I saw her taking care of those abandoned newborn babies, something stirred in me… something ancient… This is why knights of old battled for the favors of a fine woman. She is the kind of woman for whom a man will go to war. Except I’m the one who put her in danger, who put her at risk. Damn her! She’s making me reckless, messing up my mind with stupid sentiments I thought I had put behind me long ago. If I’m not careful, letting my feelings for her get the better of me, will get me killed. Sophie: I fought as hard as I could when he kidnapped me. Feeling the way I do, when I see the powerful curve of his back, when he touches me, is all kinds of wrong. But then why is he trying to save me from my brother’s enemies? Why is he on the run with me? And why, oh why, do I even care about this broken warrior’s nightmares…

I’m broke and crashed into a billionaire’s very expensive car. The only way out is a fake marriage to a playboy billionaire, that I hate. Despite his deep blue eyes and perfectly chiseled face, Parker is the most arrogant and infuriating man I have ever met.
I don’t know whether to punch him or rip his clothes off. Maybe both. Parker need to get married to get the family company. The wedding license must be real. Everything else can be fake. He promises to set me up for life. We agree it’s “strictly business”. We play the part perfectly. Everyone falls for the lie, including me. I can’t resist him. Every touch sends shock waves through my body. I’m in love with the one may I can’t have. And now I’m pregnant with his child.

In my frenzy, I ran into something without realizing it. Big hands closed over my shoulders as I gripped the chest they belonged to. Under other circumstances, I’d be elated. Green eyes stared back at me, his reddish hair hidden beneath a baseball cap, huge frame swallowing mine easily. Bridget had never considered herself special, odd definitely. But nothing worth looking at twice. And she had never cared to be looked at twice either. Until Declan, that is. Then one night Bridget is approached by a strange (and large) dog. Rescued by Declan, he reveals that Bridget may be special after all, a goddess even. And the dog has been sent to protect her. Does she have the strength to defeat a powerful witch and her three sons? Why is Declan involved in magic and mystery anyway? And can she save Ruad, her handsome mentor and the God of Knowledge into this new world? As they dig deeper, they uncover that they all have more in common than just their troubled pasts.

I have a billion reasons to despise my billionaire boss Shane O’Conner. He’s selfish, arrogant, possessive, grumpy… and hot. He’s even got that obnoxious, dominant, protector vibe that drives me crazy! I escaped the shadow of my Governor father’s business affairs and rebuilt my life as an elementary school teacher. And I had no intention of ever participating in any of his shady business affairs. But when Shane is involved with a business disaster, he pleads for my help. I’m left with no choice: Take the job, or lose it all. I’ve tried everything to get away from my old life; the cold, dog-eat-dog world of politics. But something about Shane O’Conner… That cocky grin just pulls me in like a wave going back to the ocean. I try to keep my distance, but with Shane’s dreamy eyes and a night trapped together alone, things change. And my hate for him blossoms into something more.

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