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Seaside, Oregon. Not just the place to be for their summer festival but also the perfect place for a girl’s trip. Except, Acadia now has to go alone and fresh off a breakup. With a little convincing, she packs a few suitcases–one full of her paints and some canvases–and flies halfway across the country for a month. It’s either nursing a broken heart in her apartment or nursing it on a beachfront cottage all to herself. She’s hoping that a latte, pastry of the day, toes in the sand, and a canvas will be all she needs to feel a little less broken. But then Carver, the owner of the cottage comes home—completely unexpected and completely distracting. And much like Acadia, his plans had changed last minute. She can see under his flirty demeanor and captivating smile that, much like Acadia, he was hurting too. Suddenly, she needed one more thing. To help him heal just as much as she needed to. And he seemed to reciprocate. Soon, they were both forgetting exes and finding something resembling friendship in each other. And maybe something a little more. But with an expiration date on Seaside, Acadia has to protect herself. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

This collection contains the all nine novellas in the Vegas, Baby series, extra epilogues from volume box sets, plus nine brand-new extra epilogues. Sometimes, what happens in Vegas lasts forever. Especially in these stories of happily ever after full of romance tropes: billionaire heroes, a rock star, a tattoo artist, lawyers who start out as enemies, a single dad, an MMA fighter, and plenty of age gap love!

We got off on the wrong foot to begin with. In the coffee shop, he cut in line. I told him off. First mistake. Then I get to my job interview, my dream job, and guess who the CEO is? Right! I was stunned when I got an email saying he wanted me to be the nanny to his children. I took it because I hoped I could convince him I was a good addition to his PR firm. Second mistake. He didn’t like me and made sure I knew it. I was only temporary until he could find another nanny. I planned to keep my distance and stay professional. Easier said than done. I had never been with a man, and Micah Lucas was so smoking-hot! I want to work for his firm, but I want to earn the position through merit, not by sleeping with the boss. Can I walk away, even if it means leaving behind the man I love?

As a preschool teacher, I pour my heart and soul into my students. It’s especially rewarding when I know I’ll never have kids of my own. But just when I least expect it, fate throws me a curveball—a chance encounter with a widowed father whose touch feels like home. I believed I found my purpose in teaching preschool, cherishing the children who fill the void in my heart, playing my part in shaping them as they grow. Then, Lennon walks into my life, and suddenly, my world is turned upside down. The single dad and I share a connection that’s impossible to ignore, but the risks of being together threaten to unravel everything I hold dear. In his arms, I find what I’ve always craved, but can I risk it all to pursue a future I’ve only ever dreamed of?

I’m knocked up by my Grumpy Billionaire Ex… And now he is my Boss. It took me years to climb the corporate ladder and it’s paid off. If I close this huge deal, the company will be mine. But I didn’t know the deal was with him. Richard Knight. Not my knight in shining armor. He is my sexy, stubborn ex. He shattered my heart 5 years ago. I never wanted to see him again. Now he has the fate of my future in his hands, and he knows it. Working with him is going to be hard. But the more I’m around him, past feelings start to resurface. No matter how hard I try to resist. Instead of sealing the deal, now we’re sweating up the sheets. If anyone finds out we’re sleeping together, the deal is compromised. And to top it all off, I’m pregnant…

I’m stuck on a super yacht with a grumpy, silver fox billionaire VIP. He is arrogant, difficult, and incredibly hot. I have to keep myself under control. I need this job and the money. Little did I know that working for Mr. Demanding would go from nightmare to wet dreams. One dance changes everything and I lose myself in his stormy gray eyes. His rugged skin has a scent of wildness. His lips are full and I can’t get enough. I gladly gave him my V-card. He made sure I will never forget my first time. Things change when I discover that the ties to my painful past lead right to him. No worries, after I disembark, I go back to my normal life. Only one problem… I’m pregnant.

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