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Landing a job with my billionaire boss was a fantasy that just became real. I’m his assistant and he’s my eye candy. He’s tall, dark and steaming hot. Little did I know that the grumpy brother of my best friend would steal my heart. In the shimmering world of luxury and secrets, I found myself entangled in his billionaire empire. I knew my billionaire boss was my complete opposite, but every fiber of my being wanted to be close to him. Finding myself in Zephyr’s embrace, we kissed, we touched and gave into our desires. At that moment, I knew he was all I ever wanted and needed. But danger loomed in the shadow, unveiling a sinister secret that should have remained buried. Zephyr must rescue me from the bad guys that threaten my life. Will he save me and our love or will I be left with a broken heart. 

My ex-lover billionaire schemed to match my “most eligible” ticket at a charity event. I tried hard to ditch him. Even as I shield myself, the power he still holds over my heart is intoxicating. The plan was to merge our lives and our companies. Our boardroom-to-bedroom obsession was intense. My beautiful billionaire media magnate is fighting for our love, but I can’t trust him now. My psycho-jealous sister shattered our dream life two years ago in a night of betrayal. I know what I saw. I pushed him away. With one devastating lie, I could lose both the love of my life and the business we were building together. Until Xavier made a soul-grabbing proposal that even I dare not refuse. Will the truth expose a trap or a battle for a second chance?

In the heart of Texas is a ranch that specializes in something a little out of the norm… Warning: This ain’t your daddy’s ranch. Contains cowboys administering sexual therapy to frustrated ladies—and each other. Fresh batteries recommended. You’re gonna need ’em! The best selling series is hitting you with books one through six. If that isn’t enough, a hot bonus Valentine’s Day novella is added as bonus content. PLUS a sneak peek of the next book in the series! Not convinced? Read that warning above again! Featured Full-Length Novels: Pushin’ Buttons, Body Language, Reining Men, Ropin’ Hearts, Rope Burn, Cowboy Not Included, *Bonus* Cupid Cowboys.

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