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This collection contains the all nine novellas in the Vegas, Baby series, extra epilogues from volume box sets, plus nine brand-new extra epilogues. Sometimes, what happens in Vegas lasts forever. Especially in these stories of happily ever after full of romance tropes: billionaire heroes, a rock star, a tattoo artist, lawyers who start out as enemies, a single dad, an MMA fighter, and plenty of age gap love!

There’s only one man who makes Dr. Karin Vexley supremely uncomfortable, and he has just transferred to her ship. Finding out this nasty bit of news, is a revelation and a warning. Karin wants to shut out the former and ignore the latter. The child prodigy has packed a lot of accomplishments into her tender twenty-one years, but shutting out the man who says she looks like a gorgeous angel, is not going to be one of them. Those two seemingly innocuous words, gorgeous angel, threaten to unleash a flood of memories that Karin does not want to deal with. It’s what her father used to say to her mother. It’s the last thing child-Karin remembers of her parents on that fateful day on Dracken’s World, when they took the (speedy) ride down a shaft on their way to work—as mining engineers. Today, Karin is a Chief Medical Officer on the latest Devon-class prototype starship, the UGS Trevor Meridian. Her friend, Kitaya, serves beside her – often literally since all Fleet crew members are encouraged to train for double or triple classification. Their current mission is as curious as it’s troubling. It will take them to the most dangerous and volatile (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

I had the best hookup of my life-with a hot older stranger in a nightclub bathroom! Two months later, when his alluring green eyes size me up again, it’s on my first day of work as his assistant. Whit Matthews, owner and CEO of Masters Corporation, clearly doesn’t remember me and is an arrogant jerk from the get go. His demands are ridiculous, but I’m determined to prove myself. Then when he offers me “company housing” that turns out to be a room in his penthouse, our relationship gets heated and we fight the urge to fall for each other. We are doing a great job of keeping things top secret with a professional front. Until I find out I’m pregnant with his baby. Will he abandon me like all the other men in my life or rise to the occasion and be the man I know he is?

People who still believe in love and happily-ever-afters these days? Brainwashed idiots. All of them. It’s a sham. What isn’t a sham is working hard and making an honest living. Like me. Not everyone respects what I do. Especially a certain congresswoman. Or her sexy daughter with curves to die for. Talk about brain washing. The best part? She wants me just as bad as I want her. I’m the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. She’s the good girl with a reputation to worry about. I’ll tear it all down. As long as she’s mine in the end.

I’m knocked up by my Grumpy Billionaire Ex… And now he is my Boss. It took me years to climb the corporate ladder and it’s paid off. If I close this huge deal, the company will be mine. But I didn’t know the deal was with him. Richard Knight. Not my knight in shining armor. He is my sexy, stubborn ex. He shattered my heart 5 years ago. I never wanted to see him again. Now he has the fate of my future in his hands, and he knows it. Working with him is going to be hard. But the more I’m around him, past feelings start to resurface. No matter how hard I try to resist. Instead of sealing the deal, now we’re sweating up the sheets. If anyone finds out we’re sleeping together, the deal is compromised. And to top it all off, I’m pregnant…

A spark is harmless, until it starts an inferno. Her mother is a homewrecker; I have no doubt that she is, too. She bats her eyelashes and pretends she’s innocent, but I know the truth. The blood in her veins is made of mud, and I will purify it. Kaye Pennington is the daughter of the woman that ruined my life, now I will ruin hers. It’s not fair; nothing in life ever is. When her innocence has been plucked like a flower… When she’s been made to pay for her sins… When she stands before me a broken reed… Her mother’s debt will be repaid. Until then… she’s mine. And I do whatever I want with my property.

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