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Some sinners deserve a second chance. Not this one, though… Miss Maisie Beaufort has no intention of running away ever again. She’s more than ready to return home after a decade in the midst of society and take charge of her life as a spinster businesswoman. Nothing will distract her. Especially not her first love, the rebel who destroyed her young heart… Apollo Everly always knew Maisie was too good for small town life…and for a spare heir like him. He never stopped wanting her, though. Not that it matters. Even though he’s reformed and a viscount, his lingering reputation is still a threat to her. He should stay away. But fate—and Mother Nature—seem to have other ideas… If Maisie and Apollo want to rebuild their village after a devastating flood, they’ll need to work together. The only question now is whether they can trust each other when it matters most. And if they can avoid heartbreak this time around…

He brought me back from the brink of death, but despite being larger than life, he is no God. Far from it. Relentless. Stubborn. Dead set on making me his. Until danger takes him away, leaving me stranded in the clutches of his enemies. When he returns, he’ll have hell to pay.

The boss I hate just might be my baby daddy. It was the night I’ll never forget. Every face was hidden behind a mask. Yet, I was irresistibly drawn to a stranger… He was like a god walking amongst men and I had to have him. It didn’t take long for him to take charge and claim me between the sheets. But I have yet to see his face. I was daydreaming about the stranger at work. Until my boss walks in… Gawd, I hate him. Harrison Sloane. The grumpy, stubborn billionaire who thinks he’s god’s gift to women. But somehow, Harrison reminds me of the stranger. I might have been sleeping with the boss I hate. And to make things worse, I’m now pregnant with twins…

I got pregnant from a one-night stand. I didn’t know he was an NFL star. He had my attention the moment he walked in the bar, drawing the eyes of every woman in the room. With a face chiseled by the divine, we locked eyes and knew exactly what we wanted. Our chemistry was dangerous, his touch intoxicating. By the end of the night, he dominated my mind, body and soul. We agreed, no strings attached. Two months later, I’m his new team doctor. I didn’t know he was the infamous Matt Donovan. Our encounters are a potent mix of desire and disdain. But beneath the animosity is an undeniable attraction The more we bicker, the quicker he breaks thru my panty’s defenses. Neither of us sees this going to the end zone. But that’s when things get complicated… and I may have just fumbled. The nausea I’m feeling isn’t because I’m sick, it’s because I’m pregnant and he’s the daddy.

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