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Plus-sized Fortune Edwards is a boss. Well, everywhere except her love life, in which she’s reduced to stalking her crush Graham at the grocery store he manages. So, when her best friend suggests she use the body-positive dating app SwipeMatch to find an escort for his charity gala, she reluctantly agrees. When Fortune swipes right on a profile with a group photo that includes Graham and matches, she couldn’t be happier. But the profile belongs to construction manager–and hottie–Jason Reed. Could he be the perfect gala escort? Or is he like every other guy she’s dated–ashamed to be seen with her? Jason Reed goes through first dates like water, dating an endless string of women since his last failed long-term relationship. How can he manage a team of rowdy construction workers but can’t find the right woman? To stop his “emo” ranting, his friends dare him to find, match, and date a woman off some plus-size dating app. When he finds Fortune, he thinks he’s won the dare and maybe won at love. But she’s hung up on some ball, and he’s thinking long-term. Not to mention, she had a crush on his best friend, Graham. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Cooper: In a small town, there are certain things you can count on. Change is slow coming and even slower to be accepted. Friends, family, and neighbors are always close by to have your back if you need it. And someone’s always in your business. I’ve never had to worry about any of those things. Nothing to see here, folks, just a thirty-five-year-old plumber working hard, keeping his nose clean and his dirty desires safely out of gossip range. Until a gorgeous redhead buys the house next door…

A wealthy debutante dodges an arranged marriage by becoming a Pinkerton agent, only to find out her first assignment will involve working undercover with the man she was supposed to marry. All her life, Bernadette Chambers has been following orders about how to dress, what to say, and who to say it to. However, she draws the line at marrying a man she’s never met, even though it means she’ll be disowned. Desperate for both money and adventure, she signs on as a Pinkerton agent, never dreaming her new partner will be the very man she was trying to avoid. Park Harrington is a shipping tycoon by day and a Pinkerton agent by night, which leaves no time for courting. When the fiancée he’s never laid eyes on refuses to honor their arranged marriage contract, he despairs of ever finding a suitable wife. Imagine his surprise to hear he’ll be serving undercover as her groom on the next case!

Watching my sister fall in love last summer gave me something I hadn’t expected—hope. It gave me hope that there might be someone out there for me and hope that I might get past my misguided fears and finally let someone in. With my help, Ryan’s planning the most epic proposal. I just have to get the know-it-all musician I work with to fall in line to make it work. Jax is wicked smart, extremely talented, and sexy as sin. But he can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to his potential. He’d rather keep playing in dive bars along the coast than take a real shot at success. When the Seaside festival has a music competition, I present Jax with an ultimatum that will either make or break both our careers. I’ve laid it all on the line, but can he?

My goal for senior year of high school was easy. Ace all of my classes, keep my head down, and flee this town the second I had the chance. I wanted to escape to some college across the country, a sanctuary away from my hateful father and far away from the boy who shattered my heart. But when my father announces his surprise engagement during an already unbearable dinner, all my dreams are instantly reduced to ashes. Looks like my ex and his twin are moving in. Suddenly, my life is filled with disarming smiles, cutting remarks, and a whole lot of tension. I’m torn in two different directions with nowhere else to run. Duke with his soft, pleading eyes and comforting words that threaten to draw me right back in. Knight with so much pain and anger fueling him, yet a softer side that I long to figure out. Senior year won’t be as simple as I planned. To make matters worse, a dangerous secret lurks in the dark — one that someone has gone to great lengths to bury. With time running out and shadows haunting us around every corner, I don’t think I’ll survive until graduation.

I proposition my hot gazillionaire boss to take my V-card. In exchange, I will pretend to be his girlfriend for publicity. I know I am playing with fire. But I don’t care. I want him with everything I am. Now I have to worry that I can keep my end of the deal: be his fake girlfriend. And not actually fall in love. But he confuses all of my senses and my brain goes out the window when he’s near. He teaches me things about my body that I never thought could be true. And, apparently, my soul as well. My future and all my dreams rest on not messing this job up. I can’t let him find out that I’ve breached our contract.

Finnegan: When I discover underhanded dealings in our top-earning business, the only option is the total decimation of the perpetrator. I enlist the help of the whistle-blower for immunity from our wrath, but get caught in my web when I catch feelings. Carden: The salon job meant to restart my life after prison becomes a nightmare when I discover theft from a powerful crime family. Thrust into the role of spy, I commit the ultimate sin … falling for the man using me to get information.

I probably shouldn’t have ogled Braden Oakley’s big axe. Oops. The four Oakley brothers coming back to town is something no one expected. But the biggest shock of all is Braden Oakley—all six-foot-four of pure sex—asking me out three whole minutes after we meet. Tall as a redwood and built like a moose, the devastatingly gorgeous lumberjack should have nothing in common with little miss artsy-pants—aka, me. Especially when his close-knit family likely expects him to date a certain type of girl—namely, the opposite of yours truly. So how come the harder I try to stay away, the more I end up wrapped up in his muscled arms begging for more of his hard…wood? Everyone talks about trees falling in the forest with no one around to hear them. But what about my heart? I should be sensible for once, and stay away from Braden. The heat between us is hot enough to start a forest fire. And if I don’t watch out, we’re both going to get burned. 

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