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She’s always been his only queen. Ricardo Alcantara, lead singer of Knight’s Edge, has a secret carefully hidden by his mask of playboy extraordinaire and serial dating routine. His heart belongs to one woman, the one who ran away. Now, his grandmother is gunning for him to settle down to avoid smearing the Brazilian royal family’s good name. Problem is he doesn’t want a fake marriage to some European heiress. The only woman he wants is Nessa. Vanessa Foster, a tenacious foreign correspondent covering Brazilian politics, has rubbed some powerful people the wrong way. When she gets close to the truth, her life is threatened, and the only man who can help her is Duke. Problem is she walked away from him in college and never looked back. She never stopped loving him, but has Duke forgiven her for leaving him?

I didn’t know who Maurice was until that day that we literally collapsed with each other. I heard he is known as a bad boy in this small town. Me, as a single mom, don’t really need a bad boy like this in my life right now. I see this man with his arms full of tattoos, his mean demeanor, his chiseled perfect body. I wasn’t expecting to meet him, let alone the way it happened. I can’t help it, but I cannot stop thinking of our encounter. I fantasize about what would happen. The kisses, the touches, the sensations on my skin. Destiny brought us together again and again in those weird encounters and what was meant to happen, happened. Now, I’m afraid to fall in love, but I guess it’s too late now. My broken Marine stole my heart already.

I was stuck in a tornado shelter with a prince who has been scoping out my ass all day. I fear he is not who he says he is But… the heat between us is so smoldering hot it could burn the house down if the tornado does not blow it away first. I succumbed to the passion and survived the storm. The rejection later hurts so bad I almost wish I had been swept away with the storm instead of swept away with him. That exquisitely sculpted body, those deep sexy eyes, that beautiful face, and the feeling of him inside me may haunt me forever. As much as I hate him now, I do not know I can resist the temptation of this forbidden fruit if he reaches out to me again.

My tryst with the richest guest at the resort where I work made headlines. “Billionaire Bad Boy Hooks Up With Housekeeper.” The scandal was as unbelievable as the fake proposal that followed. He walked into the resort like he owned the place—an arrogant, demanding, egotistical monster. I’ve dealt with his kind before. I’m invisible to them. I’m just the help. We loved to hate each other until one night, the sparks in our words led to sparks between the sheets. We tried flying under the radar, but the paparazzi caught us. To save face, his publicist told him to fake a marriage proposal. It’ll only be a few months until this all blows over, and I’m getting paid. Easy peasy. The problem is, this nightmare of a man keeps giving me glimpses of his vulnerable side and luring me in. Now, I wonder if we have a shot or if I’m headed for heartbreak.

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