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Can this cowboy single dad with a baby find love with his new mail order bride? Mallory: No one buys this much chicken feed. But no matter how many times River Scott shows up at the feed store, he never asks me out. The cowboy single dad is grumpy, hard-working, and a devoted father to his baby daughter. One look at him and I know we’re meant to be. When I hear his late grandfather has arranged for him to select a mail order bride, I realize I’m about to lose my chance. So I do the only thing I can think of. I apply to be a bride too. I didn’t expect that applying would unleash this angry, possessive side to River. Or that it would prompt him to march me to the courthouse the very next day. Now that we’re married, will my new husband open his heart to me and give me the family I’ve always wanted? River: Mallory is as sweet and innocent as an angel. That’s why I keep showing up to the feed store to watch over her. It has nothing to do with her beautiful smile and generous curves. I’m just looking out for her. Then I hear she’s trying to become a mail order bride and I see red. She doesn’t deserve some idiot cowboy who won’t appreciate her. So I do the only thing I can think of. I drag her to the courthouse and put (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

Small town, big secrets… This box set contains the first three steamy, suspenseful novels in the Rescue & Redemption Series!

Friendly Fire: Police chief Grayson Thorne has been in love with his best friend, Claire, for years. But when she finds herself caught in the crosshairs of a brutal attacker, he’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe… and win her heart.

Cruel Vendetta: What started out as a roommate agreement quickly became so much more… When Emery is abducted in broad daylight, Detective Drew Thorne will break every one of his steadfast rules to bring her home.

Reckless Pursuit: Isabella Thorne is smart, sexy, and sassy—and totally off limits. When women begin to disappear from Izzy’s college campus, Aiden must find a way to stop the killer before she becomes the next victim…

I’m pregnant with my ex’s brother’s baby. The plan was to avoid anything related to my ex-boyfriend Jacob Cane by leaving my hometown of Braven Bay. But fate had other plans. I crossed paths with his older brother, Nate, in the Windy City. Nate is a former Marine and firefighter with forest green eyes and an incredible body. Nate is not only in the same city as me, he’s also my neighbor. And… He doesn’t like me. He holds animosity towards me from years earlier when fate first brought us together. It doesn’t stop the electricity we both feel. As we become closer, Jacob’s sense of betrayal complicates the situation. We must find a way to navigate it as we move forward with our lives and our child.

When danger strikes, he’ll move mountains to protect the one woman who could break his heart. When injuries force Detective Lincoln Sawyer to a rural rehabilitation, danger arrives along with him. Instincts and training kick in creating the best therapy possible as he hunts a crazed stalker in the small mountain town. Especially when the target is the retreat’s beautiful owner whose brown eyes blaze with caution every time they land on him, giving a silent warning. But when the stalker turns downright vengeful, he can’t stay away. Brooke Mather’s already escaped the clutches of her sadistic ex-fiancé once. Directing her pain into creating a haven for injured law enforcement and veterans in the Smoky Mountains, she’s finally moved on from her past. But when her safe space is violated by the man who seeks to destroy her, she’s determined to put an end to his vengeance once and for all. As things heat up, Lincoln and Brooke are thrown together. Each new turn peels back a layer to a mystery entangled with more deceit than anticipated where revenge is the ultimate goal. 

Playing truth or dare with your grumpy billionaire boss in a hot tub is never a good idea. I always had a crush on my best friend’s brother Luke. He’s hot, rich, and bossy. But a relationship is the last thing on my mind. He needs a live-in nanny to care for his daughter. I desperately need a job. Every day is unpredictable with this arrogant playboy. One day he admires me, next day he detests me. Yet when I see the love he shows his daughter I know he’s soft underneath his hard exterior. And just like that I start to fall for him. He claims he isn’t interested, but his lips on mine tell me otherwise. We cross the line and share a night of forbidden passion. Now things begin to shift. He’s damaged and swore he would never be in a serious relationship. So we agree that it could never happen again. But the chemistry between us is undeniable. With mixed feelings and my job on the line, Can I risk a broken heart for a chance of true love? 

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