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When I decided to return to the town where I grew up, the rules were simple. 1. Find a job as a nanny. 2. Don’t fall for my boss. I was only successful at one of them. After a decade away in Europe, I arrived in my hometown for a fresh start. No more trailer park, no more judgment—just me and the opportunity to prove myself. I saw an ad seeking a nanny for the child of Noah Williams, my best friend’s older brother. Did I mention that he’s the man I once had an affair with despite our age gap? Now, it seems he’s just a grumpy single dad in need of help. And caring for children is what I do best. Noah was hesitant when he saw it was me, but he gave me a chance to be his little girl’s nanny, unexpectedly causing us to become closer. When Noah and I finally decide to pursue a real relationship, things get complicated, and priorities are put to the test.

For a limited time only, this collection perfect for lovers of historical romance brings you dukes, aristocrats, unusual heroines, spinsters and more. Discover a captivating selection of full-length historical romances.

  • The Duke’s Virgin Sister by Caroline Lee
  • A Duke of a Time by Tamara Gill
  • Master of the Moor by Emmanuelle de Maupassant
  • The Bride of a Baronet by Linda Rae Sande
  • Secrets of a Duke’s Daughter by Samantha Holt
  • Secrets of Lady Lucy by Rachel Ann Smith
  • Designs on a Duke by Ellie St. Clair
  • Beauty and the Duke by Nadine Millard
  • The Widow’s Maestro by Sandra Sookoo
  • Prince of Scandal by Angelique Armae
  • The Man of My Dreams by Daphne Quinn
  • Pride of Duty by Andrea K. Stein
  • Don’t Tell a Duke You Love Him by Tammy Andresen

As a pro football player, I’m known for scoring both on and off the field. But all that changes when a tragic accident leaves me as a single dad to a little girl. With both our lives flipped upside down, I’m scrambling to balance my career while supporting the needs of a girl who just had her life torn apart. My little black book is replaced with pink unicorns and her peanut allergy means I have to rethink every meal I make. Despite my initial hesitation and uncertainty, I’m determined to do right by her. Then we meet her reading teacher, Victoria, who’s everything I’m not—responsible, bookish, and patient. Our constant verbal clashes feel like some twisted form of foreplay. Watching how quickly she bonds with my daughter in ways I can’t proves I need her for more than simply helping me navigate this new life. But convincing her I’m not the man I used to be may the biggest challenge yet. Despite my history, I’m determined not to let my past fumble my future.

Being an unwanted assistant to a billionaire bosshole is not my dream job. He’s arrogant and needs no one. I’m desperate and need this job. I never knew working for a tech genius would come with so many challenges. Toughest challenge is to stop thinking about his chiseled, rock hard body. Or, getting lost in his dreamy blue eyes. And then it happened, the night of our office party I give myself to him. But that night led to more than just a hot, steamy encounter… two pink lines. I was left with no choice but to leave. No, It can’t be! Years later, he’s at the same resort and we’re snowed in. My heart flutters and my body weakens at the sight of him. I’m afraid he will uncover my secret. Do I tell him about our little girl with his stunning blue eyes or do I run, again?

Jeremy Bardot always thought he was allergic to weddings…until he met McKenna Sage. The billionaire real estate mogul wanted a particular piece of property, and the beautiful artist was the key to getting it. The only catch was she needed to be engaged first. Jeremy had no problem playing McKenna’s not-so fake fiancé…especially if it got her down the aisle for real.

What if you were starting over after only ever have experienced one man… the same limp d!ck night after night for almost 20 years? Would you give yourself permission to experience all of the passion, desire, and need waiting for you under the anonymity of a pseudonym? Kandie is the alter-ego of a thirty-seven year old woman embarking on the next phase of her life. Having only ever been with one man, she’s newly single and learning about herself: what she likes, what she needs, but most importantly, what she deserves. Pleasure is the name of the game, and this previously sheltered woman is set to learn what she’s in to. While these bite-sized stories don’t have to be read in order, starting with One Night in Atlanta sets the stage for all the other stories. Follow Kandie on her adventures… One Night in Atlanta is about her anonymous encounter in… uh, Atlanta.

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