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I thought he was my wildest fantasy come true. Turns out he’s my enemy… His body looms over me, large and menacing. I’m afraid of what I’ve tempted. I think I’ve woken a dragon, and I’m about to be consumed. He promised to fulfill my most sinful desires. He didn’t say anything about abducting me in retaliation for what my father did. My castle is about to become a dungeon, the knight in shining armor is actually a villain, and I’m a princess entangled in danger.

When the universe screws you over, adopt a dog. Paige Herbert doesn’t know how she lost control of her life. Friday morning, she had her future planned. Sunday night, she’s jobless and staring at her half-naked fiancé and a woman wearing her green robe. Taking refuge in her childhood home, Paige decides this time around her life partner will have four legs instead of two. But her newly rescued pit bull is in bad need of obedience training…and the perfect guy for the job has Paige forgetting the past. Dash Lamont doesn’t want to go back to jail. Out on parole and working at an animal shelter, he’s focused on living life by the rules. And number one on the list: avoid temptation. And then, in walks Paige. The woman parks in the middle of Dash’s well-ordered life, demanding his attention with her offbeat conversation, sinful curves, and dream of a refurbished classic Chevy. Despite his decision to keep his distance, he somehow finds himself agreeing to her plea for help. As the two spend more time together, awkward attempts at flirting, late-night dancing to jazz music, and a chance taken at a Halloween party lure the hesitant pair down a sensual road. But when sins of the past work against the newly budding romance, Dash will need to decide whether to take his chance on love or stay in his safe lane, watching as Paige drives off without him.

Capturing her for marriage was supposed to be for revenge, not love. We may have lost that battle but we won’t lose the war. The Colombos killed my father now they must pay. I’ll take Michael’s prize possession: Charlotte Colombo. His one and only child. His princess with thick mahogany hair, baby blue eyes, and a body to die for. I’ll make her my own. And make Michael feel my pain. She’ll be my captive for power. I won’t give her my heart. Despite how much she tries and I feel, we can never be a real thing. For power to be restored to the Bonannos, the one true family, this must strictly be business. I must get revenge. No matter how much my heart tries to overcome my head… It won’t! I won’t let Charlotte Colombo take me out.

Traveling with an older billionaire pilot on his private jet was never on my list, especially not if he was hot. I would never have gotten involved with him if I knew who he was. But I was heartbroken and needed a distraction. To clear my mind I went on a private jet trip to the Caribbean. There is only one problem – the pilot. He is rude, gruff, and demanding. Being me, I try to embrace the good in him. I can’t stop imagining how it would feel to lick the salt water from his tattooed skin. Wait, stop, I think I’m getting lost. Lost in his piercing blue eyes. We will go our separate ways when the trip comes to an end. Unless there is a business agreement that concerns us both.

Snowed in. Trapped. Going Out of Business. Pretending this playboy billionaire is my fake boyfriend. FML. How would I describe Carter Byles? Tall, dark, and insanely handsome, annoying, charming and spoiled. He’s like if Henry Cavill and Chris Hemsworth had a baby. When I look at him it makes the lower half of my body crackle with electricity. Of course, he’s an absolute ass. I like to think of it as the universe’s way of maintaining balance. He decided to pose as my fake boyfriend to keep my ex from bothering me. Now, I have to share my room with him. He should honestly walk around shirtless wherever he goes. It’s a crime against humanity to keep a chest like that hidden. The more time we spend together the less I find him annoying and the more I find him irresistible. That is until I find out it’s his father’s company that is putting me out of business.

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