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A canoe builder, a poet, a sudden storm… lightning is going to strike! Holt: I’m great with my hands. People? Not so much. Then I met sweet little Margot. Delicate and thoughtful, with no idea how sexy she is. She needs a man to admire every inch of her soft, curvy figure. And it’s going to be me. Margot: My writing retreat was supposed to be a solo venture. Until a huge mountain man type assists my tragic attempt at canoeing. Holt is the most riveting, quietly intense man I’ve ever met. How could a man built like a Greek God be so infatuated with a slightly clumsy girl who has no idea how to survive on her own? I need to explore these wild new feelings. A real poet needs experience with love and… more. Even if he might break my heart in the last stanza.

Be swept away to an island paradise where upscale party planners strive to make the biggest, hardest-to-grant birthday wishes come true — a sweet billionaire romance box set full of love, second chances, and happily-ever-afters!

The Billionaire’s Birthday Date: He’s a billionaire CEO who never got over his first crush, and she’s a rising singer hoping for her big break. Can a last-minute singing engagement at his island birthday celebration make both wishes come true?

The Billionaire’s Birthday Blind Date: It’s not easy coming up with a birthday surprise for her billionaire best friend. A guy she likes a little more than a bestie should. Or a lot more!

The Billionaire’s Birthday Secret: It’s not easy coming up with a birthday surprise for the billionaire she’s crushing on, especially a guy who’s been keeping such a mind-blowing secret from everyone!

It’s bound to be a fantastic weekend in Seaside, Oregon with my closest friends. Not only are we staying at the adorable Sandy Shore Inn, we’re also excited to attend the Seaside Festival’s Book Signing Event. After all, we librarians love our books… Which also brings us to the local bookstore, Booked at the Beach. I’m immediately attracted to the cozy little shop… and to the hot, sexy man working behind the counter. When Garrick shows up at the book signing’s VIP dinner and is seated at the same table, I feel a rush of excitement. We quickly discover we have more in common than just a love for books. Things between Garrick and me progress quickly, but is it too good to be true? After all, he lives in Oregon and I live several hours away in Port Townsend. How can we make this work? Then, he lets me in on his little secret…

Family grudges, enemies, witchcraft…nothing will stand in the way of these sexy bear shifters when they find their fated mates. They’ll face any and all obstacles to claim their women and keep their growing family safe.

This box set contains all four books from the McMahon Clan series: Bear the ConsequencesBear It AllBear the Burden, and Bear Your Fate.

I’m carrying the next-door billionaire’s baby. Three months earlier… My beautiful white Vera Wang dragged behind me. My old dirty Nike high tops soaked. I run to Mystic, Connecticut, otherwise known as Small Town, USA. It is quiet and nice, if not a little boring. And then the hot neighbor moves in. Archer Steele. Not only does he look like a superhero, but he is also named like one. A Former Navy SEAL with dark hair, a strong jawline, and amazing abs. Oh, and come to find out, he’s my boss at the bar where I started working. His beautiful green eyes have been on me since he moved in. But when my dangerous past comes knocking at my door, will Archer be there to save me… Our unborn child and I need him now more than ever.

Patience, a witch with a thirst for answers, finds herself trapped in a web of lost memories and unanswered questions, even after half a century. Plagued by haunting visions of piercing red eyes and plagued by mysterious dreams, the truth eludes her. Seeking distraction, she defies all laws and infiltrates the forbidden vampire club, Moarte. Little does she know, her world is about to spiral into darkness. When her closest friend, Michael, undergoes a terrifying transformation into a full-fledged demon, Patience is driven to desperate measures. She binds him to his vampire lover, hoping to save him from the abyss. But the situation takes a treacherous turn when Lucius, the formidable brother of Michael’s vampire escort, emerges with a seething hatred for witches—and an undeniable magnetic pull towards Patience. Forced into an unlikely alliance, Patience and Lucius must join forces to locate a precious soul gem that holds the key to breaking the deadly bond before Michael and his brother’s soul are irrevocably lost. As their dangerous alliance deepens, long-buried memories resurface, connecting them in ways they never expected. Patience soon realizes Lucius might hold the answers to her enigmatic past, but can she convince him she is more than an enemy to be vanquished? 

I’m sleeping with my dad’s billionaire best friend. I headed to Mystic, Connecticut, a month ago to help a family friend, not seduce him. Mateo Steele. He’s a grump—damaged and broody. He is also a Grade A silver fox—former SEAL, with a fantastic body and beautiful blue-grey eyes. Being a 28-year-old virgin is a rarity, but I am ready to be broken open by this hot stud of a man. The problem is that he is off-limits. I started working at the beautiful Inn he built right on the water. While checking in guests, I’m checking him out. Mateo starts to let his guard down and saves me from a group of awful men. I help bandage his wounds and try to help bind his emotional ones. I can help Mateo be the man he once was. But I may lose my relationship with my father in the process.

Faking a relationship with my best friend’s billionaire brother is a huge mistake. Aiden Davenport, tall, dark, and handsome with chocolate eyes and infectious smile. He pulls everyone under his spell. Except me, I despise him. He’s my best friend’s older brother and always been a jerk. Now he’s back in town, looking sexier than ever. I’m a struggling artist, I need a sponsor and he needs someone for a fake relationship. A yacht trip, a few drinks, built up tension, and I end up below deck, crying out his name. We make an agreement; my art in the spotlight, his reputation remade. Boundaries are set, but rules are meant to be broken. Lying in his arms, feeling his muscles, and enjoying the new him I never knew is starting to melt the ice around my heart. If the truth came out, I could lose my best friend and damage my career. It could tear his family apart and destroy his reputation. We’re hiding parts of our past, and the truth could break us as easily as the lies that bind us. I thought being single was hard and being in a fake relationship was trouble, but now, two pink lines may bring the world crashing down. 

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