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One stupid decision leaves Cressida stranded on Haven, an uninhabited planet on the edge of nowhere. But it isn’t totally empty. And Lukas, the cyborg living there in secret, is fascinated with her and has no intention of letting her leave.

What happens when a love letter is delivered 35 years late? Despite the heartbreak of her youth, Trudy Quinn has made something of herself. Being a mom to her college-age daughter, April, and now the president of a foundation that enables impoverished young women to go to college fulfills her. And she’s not giving up on her estranged marriage just yet, either. At least, she and her husband Kenny are banking on the counseling they put in before he deployed for a year in Iraq and the time apart to offer them a fresh start. But then Trudy receives a letter … one that would have changed her life if it had been delivered back in 1975. Its contents explain the reason the boy she planned to marry suddenly disappeared from her life. And then the media gets the whiff of a tantalizing special interest story, and Trudy’s phone rings with a voice she hasn’t heard in thirty-five years. Only, Richard Vanderveer is not the shy boy from the Netherlands anymore. He’s a wealthy and world-renowned floral and food entrepreneur, and he wants to set things right. 

I never expected my billionaire boss to become my fake fiancé. He’s a grumpy, sexy, blue-eyed CEO…and my brother’s best friend. Plus, we can hardly stand each other. He says I’m a know-it-all. Well, I do know that he’s full of himself. And he thought I‘d agree with his ridiculous plan. I should have said no, but I get a real vacation and a promotion. I thought it would be easy until his lips brushed against mine, and our bodies touched. He says it’s all for practice. Then we end up together…in bed. Major panic! That wasn’t supposed to happen. It was only supposed to be for a business deal. If my brother found out, he’d lose his mind. So we act like nothing happened. But I don’t know how long my heart can pretend.

A bad-tempered billionaire should never date his best friend’s sister, not once in secret, and definitely not a second time for pretend. To Emma, I am an entitled billionaire and she won’t forgive me for leaving her. At her parent’s anniversary celebration we are reunited once more. But this time I won’t let my past issues define my future. I think I will never thaw the ice in her heart or cool the fire in her eyes. But when we get stuck in a blizzard together it gets hotter than ever. After we broke up, things weren’t the same and now I’m realizing more than ever what I lost when we get into a fake relationship to appease our families and the media It becomes a slippery slope. I don’t know where the fake ends and the relationship begins, but I won’t let her go, until I find out.

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