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Can this grumpy mountain man who doesn’t believe in love find forever with the sunshine woman he rescued? Piper: This is not how I imagined the start of my vacation. First, the rental car breaks down then a huge bear appears, and now this grumpy mountain man is rushing to rescue me. He’s scruffy, burly, and growls at me…and I’m not talking about the bear! At least, I won’t have to see him again after today. Except he’s the tour guide that promised my friend he’d show me around town. Now I’m stuck with my grumpy mountain man for the week, but that’s OK. I’m starting to like the way he growls. Gray: I run the Forever After Lodge in Sweetheart, North Carolina. I spend my days soothing frantic brides, calming nervous grooms, and officiating wedding ceremonies. This lodge has been in my family for decades and I make running it look easy. Except I have a dirty little secret I’ve never told anyone: I don’t believe in love. It’s the stuff of fairytales. It doesn’t actually happen. At least, that’s what I thought. Then I meet Piper with her bubbly, sunshine personality. Now, there’s only one choice left for this grumpy mountain man—to claim the heart of my curvy woman! 

Luck: Taking risks is what life is all about. It’s what the contestants on my game show do every Friday night. Hosting a game show was the last thing I had on my bingo card of fame, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun. I never take risks off camera, not until one daring contestant has me wanting to press our luck together. Lenna: Game shows may be the bottom of the rung of fame, but who doesn’t want their fifteen minutes? Throw in cash, an all expenses paid trip to Aruba, and meeting the Luck Landon, and I’m all aboard! It might be over faster than I can blink, but as long as there’s no whammy’s, what could it hurt? 

Jax: I am a man who knows what I want. A man who goes after–and often gets–what he wants. I was aggressive and ruthless to make my first billion dollars, and with my best friends at my side, I just kept going. Now there are plenty of zeroes in my account–but no one in my life. But there will be–once I convince the girl of my dreams that I am worth more than money. Leigh: I do not play by the rules. As a women in big industry, if I did, I would never get ahead. I am aggressive and smart and I rarely take no for an answer. My career is going great. But my life…well, it could use a bit of a lift. When I get stuck in an elevator with a man from the office–the same man I have been flirting with for ages–I get that lift and a lot more.

My one night stand is now my grumpy boss and I have one task… To be his fake fiancé. It was a night I’ll never forget. He was sexy and charismatic. He had me when he started whispering in my ear, And before I knew it, my panties were off in a New York minute. As mind blowing as it was, I never expected him to be my new boss. And believe me he won’t let me forget it. Damon Finnegan. An arrogant, cocky billionaire who can’t take no for an answer. But god, he is annoyingly hot and I can’t stop thinking about that night. I resist his advances until he offers me a deal I can’t refuse. He needs me to be his fake fiancé for a price. It’s all fun and games until I realize I’ve fallen for this notorious bad boy, And I’m carrying his baby.

Sometimes we don’t get it right the first time around. That’s why life gives us second chances. This limited edition romance collection features 20+ stories of hope, happy ever afters, and the second chances it took to get there. Our heroes and heroines embark on life changing journeys, whether changing careers or moving half way across the globe. What second chance have you been longing for? These stories just might inspire you to go out there and grab it. 

About the collection: All NET Author proceeds are being pledged to Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the highest rated breast cancer organization in the United States and largest private funder of breast cancer research worldwide. 

Participating authors in this collection are: Kat Long, Tara September, Sierra Gamble, Danielle Jacks, Serenity Rayne & Cassandra Featherstone, Jeanine Lauren, Sharon Wray, Angela Scavone, Anne Lucy-Shanley, Carrie Jacobs, Roxie Clarke, Bobbi Claire, Helen Walton, Heather Silvio, Rose Fresquez, CJ McKnight, Q Marlowe, Shauna Jared, Kristen Fray, Mandy Melanson, and Colleen Key. (Read the full blurb on Amazon)

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