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These dragon shifters will burn the world down to keep their fated mates safe. They’ll face off against vampires, witches, and demons to ensure they get their happily ever afters.

This collection includes all four books from the Veles Hold series: Slay All Day, In the Line of Fire, and Fight Fire with Fire.

Jared “Mac” MacKenzie is used to making tough decisions as the President of the Silver Saints MC. When a member of a rival MC puts one of his brothers in a coma, he’ll do whatever it takes to get answers—including kidnapping Bridget Pierce, their president’s daughter.

The hero next door is exactly what the doctor ordered to mend these wounded hearts. Some of us may dream of knights in shining armor, but in this limited edition romance collection our characters learn that the blue collar, everyday heroes are the ones who will rescue their wounded hearts and sweep them off their feet. From the heat that’s felt being near a fireman, to the thrill of being with a police officer who knows their way around some handcuffs, this collection will have readers seeing that the real happily ever after might come from the hero next door.

Saved by the Everday Hero features series starters from: Naomi Valkyrie, L.A. Remenicky, Eliza Matthews, TK Eldridge, Dawn Luedecke, Amelia Hayden, W. A. Marlow, April Lynn Baker, Jade Marshall, Sharon Wray, Pandora Snow, Anne M. Scott, and Mandy Melanson.

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