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Seaside was supposed to be the perfect escape… Heather Montgomery had never felt so alone. With the walls slowly caving in on her and her marriage barely hanging on by a thread, running away from everything seemed to be the answer to all her problems. When a series of handwritten letters begin to show up at her new place, Heather soon realizes she’s not the only one suffering. That someone else is hurting as much as she is. Can the words from a complete stranger heal her heartache? Landon Richardson was a proud father and husband, doing everything he could to make sure his family never had to go without. Until he’s wrongfully accused of something he didn’t do. And now he’s on the verge of losing everything. Will Landon hang on to that last bit of hope? Summer Escape… where hearts are reunited and love is renewed.

My best friend’s brother was my high school crush. Never dreamed he’d crush me with rejection. Two years have passed since he turned me down with nothing left but shame. He’s back in town for his best bud’s wedding. I can see him staring me down from across the room, exposing his inner desire. You can feel the tension between us. Then he shoves me into a corner and I can’t resist. Like a hungry animal, he unleashes his passion on me. I surrender my body and fall under his spell. Here we go again. Leaving me, trapped like a prisoner. His sister said he’s no good for me. I’m erasing my memory of him. I always pick the wrong guy. Now I have a relentless stalker lurking out there. When he comes to my rescue, we are forced together for my “safety”. Maybe this will be the breaking point when he realizes he can’t live without me. Especially now that he knows he’s going to be my baby daddy.

These dragon shifters will burn the world down to keep their fated mates safe. They’ll face off against vampires, witches, and demons to ensure they get their happily ever afters.

This collection includes all four books from the Veles Hold series: Slay All Day, In the Line of Fire, and Fight Fire with Fire.

He’s a grumpy machinist. She’s an uptight efficiency expert. They’re going to use every tool in their arsenal to save the factory – or kill each other trying! George is a simple guy. He likes bowling, watching football, and remodeling his house. He’s worked at the same place since he was eighteen and for him, a job is just a job. Until his union steward tells them that management is considering outsourcing their jobs to Mexico. Cassandra is the leading efficiency expert for Thomas Industries. She’s got a reputation for being tough, fair, and getting results. She’s determined to find a way to make this small-town factory be more profitable so people don’t lose their jobs. George isn’t the first worker who’s doubted her abilities, but she wants him to be the last. Because as they work together, what felt like hate at first sight is starting to look a lot like love…

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