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My mom taught me to run. To hide. To never stay put. To always be aware. Time didn’t feel finite until I lost her. I’m alone in the world. If I run now, I’ll be running forever. It’s time to stop. Turn around. Take a stand. Stick to one goal. Seems simple. I didn’t bargain on a mellow grease monkey being such a distraction. Giving in was supposed to be a one-night affair. Yet, somehow, he becomes my roommate, my friend with benefits… my rock. He offers stability. Security. With him, I don’t feel alone anymore. As I follow the complex mystery across the country and back, the pieces still don’t fit the puzzle. Steamy nights and days on the road take me closer to the truth. Except… Danny doesn’t know my secrets. Not all of them. I should confess, but don’t know how. How do I tell him that his life is in danger? He’ll ask why? And the answer…? Because I’m too selfish to let him go.

Quinn is trapped working a dead-end job to support her abusive mother. The only bright spots in her life are her encounters with the kind woman who frequently visits the diner where Quinn works. One day, the woman tells Quinn about her handsome, billionaire son whom she fears will forever be lonely. She offers Quinn a deal: seduce her son and give her a grandbaby. Quinn refuses, but when her mother learns of the offer, she is forced to accept. Quinn never expected to fall in love. Will she be able to go through with the plan? Landon is a hardworking billionaire with no time for or interest in relationships. He’s seen how a broken heart can destroy a person. The only woman in his life is his mother, and he’ll do anything for her, including going on an island vacation for the first time in years. Except, when Landon arrives at the exotic resort, it isn’t his mother who’s there to greet him. Instead, there’s a beautiful woman naked in the hotel suite. Landon is immediately enthralled by the innocent Quinn, but he knows she’s hiding something. Will he learn her secrets before their week together is over? Or will he lose the mysterious beauty who has captured his heart? 

A nanny who doesn’t date should be hanging nowhere around a damaged playboy billionaire… But, I’m scraping every penny to pay off my brother’s debt, and a weekend babysitting job with a rich family seems like just what I need. Even if the little terror has a reputation for making nannies cry. My luck runs out when I find my charge’s beloved uncle is the bossy stranger I slept with some nights ago. I can’t stand him, and he says I’m not his type anyway. Still, he likes to end our arguments with me pressed against his hard body. And when I decide I’ve seen enough of Xavier, he makes me an offer I’d be a fool to refuse. Xavier offers to pay off the debt, in exchange… for one date. Seems like an easy trade. I don’t plan on enjoying his company, and falling in love definitely isn’t on the cards for either of us. And apparently, a surprise pregnancy is just what it takes to bring back the demons of his past.

My best friend’s grumpy billionaire brother walks back into my life and buys the shopping center my gallery is in; The nerve of the man… I am a successful artist, just doing my thing. I’ve had a crush on him since I was a teenager. We still have chemistry. But he was being forced to marry a woman he doesn’t love. So he is looking for a fresh start but I know he is up to no good. Then he shuts down the shopping center. My life is upside down. I want nothing to do with him. I know he is going to destroy me. Again…But tell that to my heart… Why can’t I stop thinking about him?

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